Monday, November 29, 2010

Tired Tonight

Tired tonight, maybe just the start of a new week after a four day weekend.  Both Keith and I have sore throats, and are dragging. 

We found out tonight that we will probably be adopting a third pug girl... I was approached a week ago about her, but did not hear anything else, and assumed the people had decided to keep her or had found another home.  She had only been with them a month.  My heart hurts for pets treated this way.  She is young, only two, like Abby.... but her first family was unable to keep her when they had to move in with relatives.  These folks took her but did so only because their kids agreed to "do the dog chores", and this did not work out.  So the poor little dog must go to a new home again.  I think once she is here, she will have found her forever home.  She was called Gertie originally I think, but has been called Molly for the past month.  We like both.  Right now my son has her in Independence (Mo.), because he works at the same place as her current owner.  I got an email from him tonight asking if I wanted to pick her up Saturday, which rocked me off my chair because I had heard nothing further about the dog.  We have decided to make room on the bed for a third, though... but pretty soon Keith and I will have to move to the spare room and let the pugs take over.

I had planned to do a story tonight about the wonderful compost bins Keith has re-formed in the garden, but that must wait for another time when I feel better up to sitting here at the tube.  Right now, I'm off to bed after gargling with salt water.... TMI!!! 


  1. People know good people who will adopt dogs and cats. There must be a flyer somewhere in the animal world: "For a good home, call Mary Ann and Keith." I know what you mean about people not taking care of their pets. Love, Mary G.

  2. Sorry ya'll are both under the weather. We'll all probably be sick down here in MS with the temps swinging back and forth with a 40 degree difference.

    Whatever she is called, it sounds like she'll be deeply luved. We have several rescues. It's sad that people do that, but am so glad there are good folks like ya'll who pick up the slack.

  3. Mary Ann- I just saw your post! What is CITR? Glad you're following :) Feel better and congrats on the new addition to the family!

  4. Awww, sorry to hear you both are under the weather.... my Hubby came home from work yesterday dragging around and saying he felt terrible, so it must be that time of year... *sigh*
    I think that is so sad about the puggy, Mary Ann- but I know she will be so happy with you. (And I had to chuckle about them "taking over"... sometimes I'm sure my hubby feels that way about our critters, too! LOL)


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