Saturday, November 13, 2010

NEW Barn

Well, not really new, but much, much improved!  Three or four years ago, Keith built us a little barn for our original mini horses, Peppy, Ashley and Lacey.  We did not keep Peppy and Ashley long, as we realized that we were not set up for a stallion and did not really want to breed, as there is such a glut of unwanted horses in these sad times.  Peppy was a wonderful stud, though, gentle and mild and took good care of his two mares, until Beau came along, and then he became a brown locomotive who wanted to kill.  Another story.

The barn did fine service for Beau and Lacey, and then Beau and Lilly Horse, along with Mama, Tony, and Yankee, and then last winter, for Inca.  The horses spent the winter in the garage (used for garden storage) since the llamas had taken over their barn.  It made for stretched-out chores that were time-consuming and so very hard on the back as we filled waterers everywhere.  Now, we have only three llamas and the chickens, with the waterfowl having moved to friend Dave's until I retire.  We miss our other big animals, but also recognize the time constraints that are going to be in effect until I can devote my time to our home as I want, when I retire.

So our little barn has progressed from this:

Open-sided and only roofed partway...

To this:

Tony checking out the extension this afternoon!

Board and batten siding will cover the extension's sides.  It will give the llamas a good, warm place out of the wind and snow this winter. 

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