Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Night Before

Or... The Calm Before the Storm...

It won't be four and twenty blackbirds in a pie, either... but a good spiral-sliced ham, potato casserole, and various sides along with a traditional pumpkin pie and cookies.  We are expecting a plunge into single digits tonight, and did not get the trough heater connected today, so that means carrying hot water in the morning to break ice for the llamas, and digging out the waterer-heaters for the two chicken houses.  Ugh... winter is back, or almost back.

Grandsons Chris and Nathan will be joining us for dinner, and brother Pete and sister in law Mary Beth will be joining us in sprit.  I saw them this afternoon in their cozy little house when I dropped off a few treats for their feast.  Now plans are to get up in the morning, care for the animals, and then start cooking.  I'll listen and catch glimpses of the Macy's parade, and set the table with my good Spode dishes that Mother gave me.  We'll thank God for all the many blessings we have had this year, and for those that will come in the future. 

Outside the wind is howling, but tonight, Calamity Acres is warm and dry, and almost ready for the holiday season to start.

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  1. I hated dealing with frozen water this past winter for the critters.


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