Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let Us All Give Thanks Tonight

Let's all give thanks tonight to the brave men and women who protect us from harm day in and day out.  My husband was one of them for 24 years. 

The men and women who leave their families behind and go to foreign countries to fight our foes.  The ones who carry on here, the office workers, the medics, the doctors, the cooks, the drivers, and all the other people who support the warriors, and are warriors themselves.  The guys and gals who swab the decks and handle the stores, who load the airplanes and repair them so the pilots can fly...the ones who teach and the ones learning how to follow in the footsteps of those who went before them. 

Those who give a weekend a month to keep our armed forces going, and those who give the better part of their young lives to keep us safe.
And finally, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, whose parents and families, and wives and husbands and children mourn them and miss them and keep their memories close to their hearts.  Thank you all from tiny little Tonganoxie, in the heart of our great country.
 Keith, in Germany, early 80's.

Keith, Illinois, 2003 (stepson Brandon in front)


  1. Love what you wrote about Veterans Day. Love the photos and your dress is beautiful. Mary G.

  2. Without them, no telling what would happen to us.


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