Monday, November 8, 2010

Beyond the Ponds

Our neighbors to the east are from "beyond the pond", from Croatia, via France.  They have lived in the US now for many years, and father and sons have a woodshop on their property to our east. They maintain property in Croatia as well, and the parents go there during the year to check on it.  Their woodshop lights glow before ours come on, summer and winter, for they are hardworking folk, who do beautiful woodworking and cabinets.  Their property here, too, is "beyond the pond", for they have two very deep ponds at the foot of our pasture, and one smaller one that will be used for cattle on land they fenced last year to our north.  It is a lovely view to look down the hill and see the sunlight glinting off the ponds, or the ponds in the rain, with water falling on them.  Right now, we can look to the east and see a tree all aglow in the sun, with a beehive beneath it.  I can't do it justice, it is a candle in the pasture, lighting the way, and we're thankful for the few days of it's glory.

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  1. I think I lost my comment.

    We want to try bees. Are probably going to get some this Spring.

    Beautiful view.


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