Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catch Up and a Late Thanks

Tonight, we play catch-up.  After the reunion dinner last night, I came home to do chores and check on all the babies.  Baby chick survivors are almost ready to join their older companion Butch in the feed room of the henhouse.  We don't trust them outside, and they still need heat at night.

Inca's sweet baby, three days old... is still a mystery, we can't tell if it is a boy or a girl.  One thing we DID confirm... Tony is the daddy!  Inca actually came here last October (time flies) and was bred the first day by Tony. We did not think it "took" and forgot about it.  Hence, the November 2nd Surprise!  I am thinking of having a "Name that Cria" contest to find a good unisex name for baby... who we are calling Baby at present.  Here is a shot this evening through the fence of the henyard, and Mama Inca and Tony are guarding the precious baby from everyone. 

Llamas have fixed tongues and are unable to lick, but they hum to and nuzzle their babies.

I wanted to also give thanks for those stalwart workers on Tuesday who manned the polls from sunup to sundown here, so that those of us who voted could make our marks.  I meant to honor them on Tuesday night for their long hours of service, but the events of the cria's coming pushed it out of my mind. Here in our own township, it is the retired folks who come out and make it possible for the rest of us to do our civic duty, so hip, hip hurrah for them!

And lastly, I wanted to show a shot of two eggs.  I have been asked several egg questions by a friend at work, who has a friend starting out in chickens.  Though I am no sage, I have kept chickens here for five years and eight years at the original Calamity Acres.  Tonight I wanted to show a "commercial" egg first, and the egg from Rosemary, one of my pullets that has just come into lay.

Commercial egg, nothing wrong with it.

Egg from Rosemary of Calamity Acres.

Which yolk would you rather eat?

Pictures taken in white bowls, and yes, I know I need to learn more about lighting.

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