Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A late post to the blog tonight, after falling asleep on the couch with Hannah.  Abby was in and out with her "daddy", Keith, who had just gotten home from a meeting in Salina, where he spent the night last night.  We are all out of sorts when he is gone... the animals feel not quite right, as I do... and we are all glad to see him home safely.  I, especially, because the deer have started the rut, and they are running frantically up hill and down dale.  Going back and forth to work... and Keith going back and forth in his daily rounds... we see them laying along the roadways. 
I am so thankful he is home safely, and in one piece.

Our little cria is one week old now, actually 8 days... we are still unsure if it is a boy or girl, but it is healthy and strong.  We aren't out of the woods yet, as rain is on the way, and the combination of rain and cold could be bad for it.  A friend (from whom we purchased Tony) suggested that we watch how it eliminates in the next few days, and that will be a clue as to the sex.  What a great idea!  Hopefully I can spend some time before I leave on errands on Saturday morning, watching for poop!  Ah, the life of a farmer.
We are still thinking of good names for it... and I asked Keith to think of a really good one once we decide which sex it is.

Inca's ears are up again, now that she is certain we won't hurt her baby. She has such beautiful banana ears, but the baby's don't curve inwards as much as hers.


  1. Thanks for the new pic of Inca and her baby.
    Mary G.

  2. What a sweet picture!! I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl... and can't wait to find out it's name!

  3. So cute, never heard them called a cria before.


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