Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Junkin'

Okay, I admit it.  I love old things.  I should capitalize them, Old Things, because I love to just LOOK at them since the house here at Calamity Acres is so tiny.  I love Mike and Frank on American Pickers.... I love Antique Roadshow.  I'm an Oldthingaholic!  I love to stop in antique stores and run my hands lovingly over the old pieces and my heart's desire... one of them... is to have a pantry where I can keep my china in view, so I can set the table as I want, without having to find it in every nook and cranny, packed away.  I love to look at Tablescapes on all the lovely weblogs that participate in Tablescape Thursdays and fantasize about them here on my own family's table that we use daily.  I love china and would buy and buy and buy, impractical though it would be, if I could. I especially love old bowls, and in the spring, tried to wait out the eight hour long estate auction to get my hands on one at the old farmstead ....

I have several antique malls here I love to walk through... and usually find a small treasure or two when I do.
Recently, I stopped in Ma's Country Antiques, a local mall in Basehor, Kansas,  near Calamity Acres.

There are lovely old things everywhere here.

Clothing of all kinds....

Making me wonder.... why are there never any "fat" clothes saved from the last century?

Old furniture to die for

This lovely old pie safe with the original punched tin doors would love to live with me at Calamity Acres, I'm sure...

As would these charming carved Scottie Dog bookends....

The thing I really like about Ma's is that several of the booth-holders have made an effort to do "themes".... here is red...

And here, blue...

There was green, as well, full of Jadeite and Fire King.

I came away with two small things... A picture of a snowman (thinking ahead to changing that decor right after Thanksgiving!) and a GIFT that cannot be MENTIONED lest the Gift Recipient read this BLOG and for which I am so thankful I found the gift VERY early!


  1. Ooooooooo these look like trouble spots.
    I love a good antique store. I'll have to check this on out next time I'm in Basehor.
    Have a great Monday!


  2. Chris and I watch Antique Roadshow. We also like Flea Markets. Mary G.

  3. You better have taken these pictures with a certain camera!!! Sometime I will have to tell you about my days of antique shop ownership.
    Love you MA...


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