Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Old Friends

Tonight I dined with five old friends, all ladies with whom I had worked for many years on a former job.  I miss them all... and though we had all aged gracefully, it was so good to be in their company for a little while, to catch up on their families, and to hear about their current lives.  Of all times, I forgot my camera, and forgot the camera in my phone.  In a way it was almost better, because their memories live in my heart. 

Thank you, Terry, Patsy, Linda, Mayling, and especially you, Mary, for being you.  It's good to know tonight that I go to sleep with such good people on my side.

A beautiful chocolate pot for Calamity Acres, from dear Mary.

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  1. I really did have a good time this evening. Wish I could have talked to you more. The chocolate pot will look much better at Calamity Acres than it ever did with me. I knew some day I woul find the right person. Glad you like it. I have had it since 1952 and my mother-in-law had it before then, so don't know how old it really is. It pretty much looks the same as when I got it, so must have been used a lot.


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