Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Free at Last

Well, kinda. 

The Three Survivors have progressed to going outside during the day in a 4 x 4 dog pen with tarps across the top so they can't fly out.  However, this morning I was rushed, and decided at the last minute to open their cage door and let them figure out how to fly down to the feed room floor and join Butch, my pet rooster, for the day.  They did a great job, and when I came in without my farm dog Abby... they were running around on the floor in a trio, perfectly fine.  The weather is going to get bad tomorrow; we are expecting rain again and it may even turn to flurries of snow in the evening.  I am going to leave them in again tomorrow, in the feed room. 

The only problem it caused was for Rosemary, who likes to lay her daily egg in the old rabbit hutch, which I leave open for her.  Today it was empty, and my guess is Rosemary did not like the three little travelers running around, though she tolerates Butch.  Her sister hen Libby laid her egg, as usual on the top of the closet in the henhouse side of the building.  I'll try to get a shot tomorrow of that egg laying up there.  I found two tiny eggs in a little nest in the hay that Chris used for bedding this time, instead of straw.  (Grandson Chris was kind enough to clean the henhouse out last week for his poor old Gran!) Sometimes it's hard for city or small country town kids to tell the difference between hay and straw!

Anyway, I am way past time naming these three little pullets who are turning out to be beautiful little birds, so I need to put my thinking cap on and give it some rumination.

Tonight's thankful thought is for my sister, who had her monthly chemo yesterday, but felt decent today and did not lose her voice, as she has been.  I hope and pray she is feeling great by next week's holiday, so she can enjoy it with her precious grandaughter and son and daughter in law. 


  1. I hope your sister is doing well.

    Snow flurries! Yuck!!!

  2. Awwww... the 3 amigos are still together!! They are so cute.
    Prayers for your sister, Mary Ann- I hope she will get to enjoy the holidays.


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