Monday, November 22, 2010

Old Cemetaries

I love old cemetaries. For some years, I belonged to the Civil War Roundtable of Western Missouri, and in fact, studying Civil War History is what brought Keith and myself together.  I like to stop while driving to investigate old cemetaries, and Keith does, too.  Before we married, I traveled very little... I was always too busy working several jobs.  However, ten years ago I treated myself to a trip to Gettysburg, and the following year, treated myself again!  I had a wonderful time, and since I was still riding regularly then, I rented a horse and rode on the battlefield.  It gave me chills to ride where the greats and the heros rode and marched and fought and fell.  I was the only one in the ride not listening to headphones, and brought up the rear that day.  It was misty, and difficult to see very far, and I swear to you that I heard the sounds of battle in the distance. 

In Wyandotte County where I grew up, we had numerous small cemetaries and there were many Civil War veterans buried in them.  When I asked at the roundtable meetings why there were so many, I discovered that many veterans "went west" after the war, and got their 40 acres that the government promised Union veterans.  Now they lie in forgotten cemetaries across our land.

Close to us here lies the little Missouri River town of Weston.  It is filled with wonderful old homes and a lot of history.  It was also a tobacco hub, and there was a large auction house there, the Weston Burley house.  Tobacco formed a lot of income for many small farmers in Platte County.  Now it is a town of antique and specialty shops, and good restaurants, and a fun day trip.

In Weston there is a beautiful old municipal cemetary, and one autumn day Keith and I drove up there just to see the color, and remember those who had gone before us in this month of remembering. 
The cemetary sits on rolling hills

"A Free Spirit"
I know there is a story there.

Great Grandson of someone I admire

In the Civil War Roundtable, we had a wonderful president who knew what every fold of cloth on a monument meant.... all things I have forgotten now, but fascinating.


  1. There is an old cemetary in the woods not far from our property. Never been in it, cause they kinda spook me....

  2. I have always loved cemeteries. Years ago when my husband was living we would visit a cemetery when we were on vacation. The California cemeteries are quite something. I have been to Arlington and was awe-struck with it. I did that one by myself in 1998. Still enjoying your blog. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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