Sunday, November 28, 2010

Project Time

Winter time is project time on the farm, even the hobby farm.  It's the time we get caught up on all the things that get put off during summer, when there is grass to cut, more chores to do, and  gardening to keep up.  Winter is the time that extra things are started and finished.

For five years, I have wanted Christmas lights... and this long weekend, Keith installed them with his first-ever lighting project.  On Thanksgiving Day while I cooked, he worked out in the cold, taking down an old porch fan, and wiring up a plug to run not only Christmas lights but also a tree for the porch. 

The result was....

In between working on the side deck....and the wiring...

He found time to make us a nifty llama feeder....

So now we won't waste as much hay!

Personal Seal of Approval... Tony Llama

Thanks, HONEY!


  1. Good job!

    LOL...around here, hunting kicks in and the whammy hits the To Do List again.

  2. He does good work. The lights look beautiful! Bet the llamas are happy too. I was wondering what you fed them. Love, Mary G.

  3. does the mama lama let you pet her little one? Somehow I imagine them to be very protective.

  4. Wow- the lights look great, Mary Ann! Tell your hubby I gave him two thumbs up on those! And the feeder is nifty- he's a pretty handy feller!


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