Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Week Finished

Another week finished, and another week closer to retirement.  Not that I'm counting or anything.

Why is it that when autumn comes and it gets dark earlier, we get tired earlier?  It is 9 PM and I am ready to get into bed, where Keith has already been for an hour.

We went out to dinner tonight, to Bichelmeyer's Restaurant in Tongie, where we each had a light dinner.  We had hurried through chores, and I'll do water in the morning when the weather is supposed to be nice.  We are expecting cold to descend on us before next weekend, maybe before the holiday.

Roxanne at Screamin' Oaks Goat Dairy has called to say she has managed to make another batch of soft cheese, since her girls are all drying up.  I am going down the road in the morning to get some, I bought some dip mixes to mix in it, and want to see how they taste.  We also are going this weekend to a large farmer's market Christmas open house in Lawrence.  Plans to go on Saturday changed when we realized it was a game day, so we'll go Sunday or risk coming to a standstill in town trying to negotiate the streets.

Keith will be finishing his gate project... he has re-built the gate to our place, because we had to stop on the road, get out, open the gates, and then pull in.  He has reconstructed it so that we will be able to pull IN off the road, get out, open the gates.  We are hoping it deters Ranger from running up and down the fenceline so much.  He has torn his rear hips up and we are worried about the continued stress on them.  When it cools down for good, he will be in the house daily while we work, and that will help him.  He is getting older, though, so the stress is taking more out of him.

Keith had help from both
Brandon and Chris with the post-hole digging, but he will be putting the last cattle panel up tomorrow and moving the gate, then the project will have only the fence-stretching left to do on the main fence along the road.  Then, on to MORE projects here where they never end!

Faithful Ranger always leads us down the driveway.

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  1. I'm glad he fixed it. Stopping on the road to open a gate can be very dangerous.


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