Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Surprise! Surprise!

Another reason to be thankful, but one we did not anticipate.  This morning it was very dark when I did chores.  I sped through them, because I wanted to vote on my way into the office.  When I put the llama feed in their bowls, I did not see Inca, only Tony.  He was nosing something in the horseyard (now llama yard) but I searched for Inca for a minute, called her, and then went back in to get my good clothes on and leave. 

At 8:30 or so, the phone rang at work.  It was Keith.  As he had just been getting up when I left, I wondered what he was calling for.  He told me to prepare myself.

"We have a new baby!"  I said "Whattttt?????"

"We have a new little cria!" Keith replied.   I could hardly talk... I was so stunned.  Inca, who was only 15 months old when we got her last spring, was a mother!  As llama gestation is 350 days, we knew it could not have been Tony, who did breed her when we brought her home.  The baby is black, blacker than she.  It appears to be healthy, and is nursing and moving around fine despite a quarter-sized wound on it's left rear haunch.  We can't tell if Mama's hoof caught it or what happened, but we will watch it closely and call Dr. Jeannie if we need to. 

We did not plan on breeding llamas, and that is why Tony and the late beautiful Yankee were sent to be gelded, but this is a blessing that God has sent us to enjoy.  It is supposed to dip down in temps the next few nights, so the little shed is deeply bedded with clean straw, plenty of hay and good water is out, and we will feed lots of good grain for the new mother.  We will keep everyone updated on the progress of our new little member of the Calamity Acres family. 

I'll try to get better closeups in the next few days.  We can't tell if boy or girl yet, it may be days before we are able to.  Inca will let us near them... but she prefers to keep him/her where she can protect it better. She's going to be a good mama!

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  1. Love the pics of your llamas, especially the new baby. I saw a TV show once where people were raising llamas. One couple had one that they allowed to come into their home. The llama would go to the bedroom, look in the mirror and then leave. I didn't know until then that they were so gentle. Mary G.


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