Monday, January 26, 2015

Some Surprises

First, we pray for those who are experiencing the blizzard right now... 
for warmth and for their safety. 

So many people affected! 

We are blessed here in NE Kansas.  Oh, I think we will still see 
some winter weather... but nothing like the last three winters that 
were so terrible. 

I glanced out the window this morning to see how much 
frost was on the car. 

Look what I saw, and ran to get the camera so you could see, too. 

Remember I told you weeks ago that I had come on a small flock of robins, and had 
never, ever seen them overwinter here, not in all my years. 

They were trying to drink the drips coming off the car... and where the rain from yesterday had iced over. 

I took some warm water out.  

And yes... a few minutes later, I took water out in a dog bowl for them. 

I'll be doing it regularly now, because we are going back towards cold next week. 

On my favorite pond, a mile from our house.  There were NO geese on the big lake yesterday, they have all descended on the ponds. 

Yes, I love them. 

Only saw one hawk, and not closeup! 

It was a beautiful, beautiful day to be out in the country. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to be working on the garden at the old place, 
tidying up. 

I'm going to get two of the vegetable beds ready over there, for some 
lettuce and then maybe some peas.  

I think it will be a while before we get the work there finished, and have it ready to 
rent, and I'd like to take advantage of that this year! 

I'll take pictures, of course. 

Again, if you are in the Northeast and reading this... I hope and pray you 
and your families are safe and protected from the elements. 


  1. Some nice surprises. Not the storm part...the other sightings and news.

  2. How nice to see Robins. I love how appreciate and take full advantage of the outdoors. Like me - planning a garden already.

  3. I saw a group of robins outside of the workshop one day last week having a good old time in and around the compost. A very welcome sight!

  4. I love to see the robins here when Spring comes, We don't see them at all in the winter. I really enjoyed those pictures of them.

  5. We saw some robins here too. A little strange, I don't
    remember seeing them in past Winter's.

    Here's hoping those in the Northeast are going well. The
    Nightly News will be on in a minute.

    M :)

  6. Oh, those Robins are so lucky they came to your yard. What great pictures, and that is a huge flock of geese. I love seeing them glide on the water.

  7. Horrible weather. Brrrrrrrrrrr. I couldn't stand living where it snows that much.


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