Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lots O'Pictures!

Look who was standing by the side of the road on our way to the vet this morning.  I was shooting 
through a dirty window, sorry... and I knew there had to be another one close.  On the left is 
Wyandotte County Park and Lake, a huge wildlife area, and though this is a paved street, four lane... there are farms and woods all around. 

I stopped, but she turned back...

Isn't their camouflage wonderful?????
Yes, there were two.  They did not try to cross again, but started back up the hill they had come from. 

10 AM in the morning! 

Jester and Lilly both visited the vet... Jester has a severe ear infection.  I knew he 
was shaking his head a lot, and finally realized something had to be going on. 
We were afraid it was mites... it looked like it... and no, I did not get pictures... 
but... after culturing, it was yeast.  The doctor said he had probably been 
in pain for a while, poor little doll. 

He had his ears flushed, and now I will be flushing daily, and putting drops in for a week. 

Lilly needs a therapeutic bed, she has worn a huge callus on her 
elbow, and it is hurting her.  So.. next week... we'll make a trip to 
get one for her. 

We had several for Ranger when he was still alive... but they were torn up
both by him and the pugs. 

Here is Anthony, the hardest working young man in Wyandotte County, loading some 
feed bags for me that I was taking to a friend this morning.  Anthony may be small in 
stature, but he is HUGE in strength.  

Notice Lilly ignoring him (again).  
He takes five steps to her one. 

I swear to you we are going to sneak out the side door and go to the 
dog park next week... we can't take Lilly, who does not get along with 
other dogs very well. 

They are just the best babies, and are so good when they are riding around with me. 

They had sore temptation.  I had a 20 pound bag of scratch (aka chicken crack) in the 
back of the car, and when we got to my friend's home, I broke it open.... and was immediately swamped. 

The guineas fought past the geese to get some. The beautiful rooster on the right was a 
"Dumpee", as my friend calls them.  People come by and dump their roosters on her. 

These two beautiful cochin hens were in a hutch.  They got a treat, too. 

Can you see Jester peeking out? 

They were actually completely interested in the poultry which was squawking, a kitty that was meowing, and three dogs that were tethered to their left.  They were so good and did not try to come over the seats. 

Turn up the volume! 

And yesterday... was 
Squirrel Appreciation Day! 

I love squirrels, I admit it.  I don't begrudge them a thing. 

The photo of this lovely little gray guy was taken by 
a friend's husband, and I was given permission to use it. 
My friends are also friends of the squirrels! 

What a great picture, thanks "Gre". 


  1. OH we did not know you are squirrel lovers, well if the truf be known our mom and dad enjoys them a lot running around our yard, all free with their tails blowing in the wind, it is us, the PUGS that are very envious of their freedom, and sick of them chattering all day at us from above, while we are trapped in our Alcatraz. On the other hand, we just love those pictures you are taking, my mom falls in love with Lily everytime she sees a new one of her, and we wish real hard that Jester could come up and play wif us, we would LOVE It. Sammer had that kind of infection in his ears twice, and needed medicine for awhile....we hope you have a good night Mrs. mary annn.....stella rose

  2. the animals around you are so lucky to have you around them! you are st. francis!

  3. Love these photos Mary Ann. The dogs made me smile and smile. Thanks.

  4. Holy tamales Mary Ann,, you sure know how to work that camera into capturing some mighty fine photos.!!!
    We love the ones of Jester and Lilly!
    We love your camera too!

  5. What good dogs! I love those pictures of Jester running. I bet he would have a blast at the dog park.

  6. GREAT pictures Mary Ann. Love all of them. Cute how they are peeking over the seats.

    Sweet of you to treat the birds.

  7. As always you took some great pictures. I can only imagine you were delighted to visit your friend with the chickens. Glad both the of the dogs ills can be handled with some TLC.

  8. Mary Ann,

    Like you, we were at the vet this morning. Usually the visit entails issues with dog ears, this time it was our year teeth cleaning. Beans wasn't to happy about going.

    Give the pups a scratch behind their ears for me :-)

    I love all the pictures, and your post.

  9. Fun pictures!! Makes me wonder if Augie didn't have an ear infection with the head shaking he did!! Now I feel like a bad mom!!!


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