Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Banner Day for Pictures

Another cloudy day in Leavenworth County. 

Getting really tiresome... but, I remember that a year ago this week 
it was not only bitterly cold, but heavy snow on the ground.  

So, I'm thankful. 

There were hawks everywhere.  I probably saw four taking off in areas where I could not stop. 

Or up really high. 

When we got to the farm, I saw movement in Oscar's tree....

I grabbed the camera but left the dogs in the car in the driveway...

Because Lil has declared death to squirrels in her yard, so I made sure this little guy 
got out in the Spehar's pasture.  He has been drinking on our porch. 

It was 38 degrees, so I stayed out there a long time.  Lil was busy looking for moles and voles in the bottom of the pasture. 

Jester was up and down the pasture, over and over.  It's so good to see him run and be a dog. 

I had my Carhartt on and the hood up.... but suddenly, I saw two birds swooping... 

One was a black-headed vulture... and the other... the big redtail hawk! 

What a beauty he is! 

Some crows flew by. 

Lil needed a GOOD long drink of cool water. 

Look what we found on the way home!  We went a different way.... and we were on a road where we could stop.  This one let me sit there for ten minutes taking pictures, and never flew. 

He was very photogenic! 

One of these insulators is not like the others. 

Then home, where I had the game camera set out on the patio.  

It amazes me how the color of the mourning doves changes from bird to bird. 

And beautiful in flight, too! 

We have just started seeing blue jays.  There are two hanging nyger feeders, but I have NEVER seen a bird on them.  They are on shepherd's hooks and I think they swing too much.  See the fence? 
That's my suet hanging on it, and there is ONE flicker that has been eating here... I haven't seen it find the suet yet, though. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour today! 


  1. One of these insulators is not like the others. too funny!!!

  2. You're really rocking that camera:) Nice shots!

  3. Beautiful photos! That's a lot of mourning doves that you have right there at your house where you live. Right?


  4. Beautiful MA! Wonderful photos! We need to do lunch!

  5. Beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing!

  6. Mary Ann,

    I love all the pictures of the birds up your way.
    I wonder if the hawks have a nest up by your old place?

  7. Great pictures. Love seeing how happy the doggies are.


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