Friday, January 2, 2015

Descending into the Polar Vortex

Oh, boy, Mother Nature is about to remind us that 
she's in charge. 

We are having ice and snow tomorrow, and then 
plunging to zero during the night next week, 
with highs only going to the high teens on several days. 


No sun today, none at all.  In fact, it got darker and darker. 

The ponds were leaden. 

However, there was one glimmer of happiness: 

The Spehar's land wraps ours on two sides... there is a cow pasture between our place and the corner, along 24-40 highways.  8 calves were put in there 3 years ago... and these two steers are the 
only remnants of that herd.  I thought they had gone to freezer camp, I had not seen them in their little pen up by the house for at least 3 weeks.  
I happened to glance up on the hill, and here they came from behind their little barn!  

Happy New Year, guys! 

He was keeping an eye on....

Kathy's daughter's lab, who was in the back yard, down on the side of the dam.  You can't see it, but there is a fence there.  

I don't know what to think about this.  

I paid nearly 60.00 for it.  It was almost empty when I got there, and I thought... well... it could have been transpiration. 

However, I filled it full.... and then, as I was leaving, I ran up to look at it. 

Uh, Huh. 

Leaking?  I'm going to pick it up next week and look at it well. 

If I have to, I'll put a heater in a fortex (or something). 

Very disappointing, and I am probably going to bring it home here to 
use where I can keep an eye on it.

I just feel sorry for my bluebirds that were still drinking there.  

Yes, I saw some Coopers on the way home, but no one closely enough to get a good picture.  This guy, actually, is very shy. 

You see how very gray the skies are. 

However, it stayed near 32 all day, but that's just the prelude. 

I did get to see my brother with my sister-in-law today... he is doing well enough, and they are trying to get him to walk a little more at the nursing home.  He also is getting therapy on the arm that was broken so as not to get "shoulder freeze" as the physical therapist described it to us. 

Hopefully, I'll have some pictures of our big ice storm tomorrow. 

And... I'm going to talk about my gardening plans for this year! 

A year ago today. 

Cold enough that I had to wear handwarmers in my gloves every time I went out. 


  1. We're about to get that same arctic blast. Brrrrrr.....

  2. We are getting some really cold weather this week. YUCK.

    That stinks that your fountain is leaking.


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