Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Feeding Wild Birds

Monday, in the sun, I stood up from my chair in the pasture and turned around
to look at the porch... look who was there! 

(along with the ubiquitous Homer bucket) 

They were joined by a second female. 

Pretty soon, it was time to go. 

They were back today while we were out there... but I did not get the camera up in time. 

I set the game camera up yesterday, but it tilted back and took 15 pictures of the maple tree branches. 

And one blue jay. 

It was cloudy again today, but we are going into a five day period of warmer temperatures. 

This beautiful guy was on a fencepost on our corner today.  I was shooting through the 
windshield and didn't get a clear shot out of the  ones I did get. 

And then he was gone. 

The dogs were so happy, because they were kept here yesterday. 

Lilly ended up needing a good, long cold drink. 

While my shotgun decided to rub his head and neck (both sides) in something long dead for the second time.  Do you see the green on his neck?  It was a lovely ride home. 

Do you see this left wing? 

It is NOT a fluke. 

How the heck is it still flying? 

His beautiful red tail was lit up by the sun. 

If you concentrate on the middle of the picture, you will see the wonderful feeder that
Keith made 9 years ago for me for the wild birds.  A nyger seed feeder hung from one side, 
and a seed feeder from the other. 

Here was the other feeeder, a hanging feeder hung from the arm on the left, and the flat feeder is on the right.  Of course, 500 lbs of feed fell on the ground. 

Last winter... it was cleaned up. 

Note seed on ground.  So did the crow. 

Of course I can't find a picture of the 500 starlings that ate there all winter. 
They did clean up most of that seed. 

Oh,there they are! 

(some of them!) 

I want a feeder here at the new house, a tall one... to hang two feeders from 
The shepherd's hooks aren't cutting it.  The nyger eaters won't hang
from the feeders because they sway so much... and the big seed feeder, forget it. 

It is sitting on the patio table.  

So... I'm going to work on it over the next few months. 

Do you believe this?  I am SO GRATEFUL! 

Tonight's gorgeous sunset. 

Makes it worth it, doesn't it? 


  1. Your photos are fantastic Mary Ann,, and yes,,,,,its a wonder that hawk can fly!

  2. If there were only four and twenty blackbirds needed for one pie, 500 starlings should give you enough birds for TWENTY pies! THAT'S how you get a return on all that seed expense! lol

  3. What a gorgeous sunset picture. I'm watching the sun rise as I'm making my comment here this morning. The sky is reddish but no round ball has appeared yet.

  4. Wow, I have never seen a blue bird in real life before and you had 3! Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

  5. OMG...a stinky dawg! Why oh why do they do that?

    Cool on the gas prices. I'm enjoying this blessing.

  6. OUR dad feeds the birds and squirrels that live in our yard ..he is using all our college monies...he needs to stop thank goodness the price of gas is going down so mom can afford to feed us.
    stella rose


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