Friday, January 23, 2015

A Good Day for Photo Hunting!

We started out gray, then blue skies came by the time the dogs and I could leave for the farm. 

Down on our corner, we came across this guy... but as I looked up at him... I noticed another bird in the background, circling down. 


He made a run at this bird, knocking him off his perch.  Look closely at him. 

I wish, I wish I could have gotten it on camera, I was so stunned I didn't take pictures of it. 

Here he is two minutes later, balancing precariously on the wires. 

And here's the one who took his spot! 


He was gorgeous. 

Absolutely beautiful. 


This bird works a corner we go through often, even daily.  It's a gravel road.  When I stop, he usually takes off, but he let me take a bunch of pictures today. 

When he pooped, I knew he was getting ready to go. 

I just want you all to know that I never, EVER honk or do anything to 
make the birds go.  I know that stopping probably makes them nervous... but when they do 
fly, it's 20 to 50 feet, to another tree.  Rarely does one go further. 

We stayed out at the old house for a while so that the dogs could run. 

It was 49 degrees, but very breezy in the pasture.  It wore Sis out. 
She and I aren't spring chickens any more. 

We actually came home on the highway, I didn't want to jounce the 
dogs over the gravel roads again.  It is very, very dry here, and the 
gravel dust quotient is HUGE.

I blasted it with the hose before starting home.  I literally couldn't see out of the back window!

Tomorrow, the six youngest grands are coming for an impromptu Valentines Day get-together. 
We'll take pictures, as always! 


  1. Fantastic photos!!! A fun day you all had!

  2. I love all these great bird shots, I rarely see hawks here.

  3. It's strange looking at the dust you have there. Here we've had snow on the for quite a while. I managed a walk yesterday but it was only in the low 30's. It was a slow go for me. Walking on snow covered walks isn't easy. Looking forward to Valentines Day and seeing your pictures.

  4. Great pictures! What kind of birds are they?

  5. Good to hear from you!!! It's bee awhile!
    Awesome shots of the Hawks. They better be careful on those wires - it gave me the heebie geebies that they would become fried hawks!! do you think they are courting or someone is too close to someone's nest?

  6. I love the photos you take. Those hawk and bird shots are gorgeous. I love the way you captured the Hawk taking off for flight. laurie

  7. I've had hawks outside my studio window lately...I do believe the birds at the feeder have been attracting them. Love the photos you were able to get.

  8. Your car looks a whole lot better than mine did after somebody drove it down the wet/muddy gravel pit road. I told him that road was forever off limits.


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