Thursday, January 8, 2015

Even The Buffalo Are Cold

Four degrees here this morning, but windy, VERY windy. 

Your blogger is struggling with an infection in her jaw, and 
about at the end of her wits.  After a visit to the dentist, and 
then across the street to Walmart for the antibiotics and 
pain medication... I ran to the old place to fill the water 
bowls on the porch. 

On my way back, I  decided to go a longer way, but 
a way that avoided gravel roads so I wouldn't jounce 
that jaw around even more. 

When we moved into our home ten years ago, we 
discovered there was a herd of buffalo on an uninhabited farm 
across the highway, very close to us.  The property has been 
for sale, except for the (supposed) ten acres where the burned out 
house, and several VERY nice barns sit. 

And a herd of buffalo!  

I became so concerned about this herd during our terrible winters that 
I checked up on them.  The owner passed away, and his 
daughter inherited the place.  She became somewhat of 
an animal hoarder, and was finally "busted" by the authorities. 
The buffalo had been her dad's.  However, after this lady 
was forced to give up her animals... she left and moved to California, where 
she has stayed.  The sheriff has assumed nominal responsibility for the herd,
but when I called to express my concern... I was (condescended to) told that 
"those buffalo know how to take care of themselves, little lady".  Okay, he didn't actually say "little lady", but his voice meant it. 

So I have worried about them through two terrible summers and two terrible winters. 
Rarely did we see them up in the "front' along 24/40 highway. 

Imagine my surprise today, to see them literally two pastures down from where 
we believed them to be penned. 

They were in a low area, sheltering from the terrible winds. 

And the other group was even lower...

I would have given anything to have the big camera with me.  
I counted 19.  I think they surely must have broken out of their small pasture 
"just as the sheriff's deputy said they would".  


There were two REALLY big bulls. 

My guess is that at some point, there's gonna be a buffalo roundup, because they now have access to a pasture and pond where cattle have roamed these last few years, and where men fish. 

I was glad to see they were in good flesh. 

I know Keith is going to clock me for stopping to get these pictures.  


  1. We used to have buffalo down the road from us,,,, and those buffalo are so strong,,, they go right through fences,,,!
    We saw some of them stampeding!!
    They have lots of fur on them - thank goodness

  2. Wow! I'm glad you stopped for pictures ;-).

  3. Howdy Mates. Wowza, we can't imagine having buffalo as neighbours! Hope they're ok. Thanks for visiting us.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. That orajel mouth rinse helps my mouth when it's hurting. Sorry you are not feeling well.

    I'm glad they are in good shape too. Sad that they got left like that.

  5. how do you have an infection in your jaw? is it a bad tooth? there are more and more buffalo around here all the time.

  6. We hope you'll be free of pain before long.

    Bison are very tough animals--they can handle Yellowstone winters. Kansas winters are no problem for them. One would be happier if they had an owner truly looking after them, though.


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