Sunday, January 11, 2015

Back to the Farm

(Note:  I thought I posted this on Saturday... apparently NOT) 

It's been a long week for your blogger. 

I had a tooth that had shattered in my jaw, and without 
any advance pain... my mouth swelled and throbbed to beat 
the band.  My own dentist sent me to an endodontist (where I had 
gone before) who sent me to a surgeon, and that 
doctor removed the offending member yesterday.  I am 
laughing now, but it was excruciating, and I am behind on 
much sleep.  I also will never, ever do a day surgery and drive myself again. 
Enough said. 

So, four days more or less lost. 

I took the dogs out today, and they were so glad to get out and run, even 
though it was 32 and blowing hard. 

Out of the car and down into the pasture they went. 

Jester covers about twice the amount of ground that Lily does. 

He is only four, and full of pep. 

Here comes a jet overhead. 

Here comes another! 

These were military jets, (I think) either from Topeka's airbase, or 
Whiteman AFB in Knob Knoster, MO. 

There was a third over to the south, but he didn't intersect. 

The only hawk I saw all day. 

I think it was just too windy for them. 

I thought you would enjoy seeing this little scene that we go buy on our way home. 
The three little goats share the pen with some horses.  This is where the paint pony lives that I have shown you several times.  The owners are putting the pony and one of the horses in the pasture and rotating the other two in and out of the pen.  The goats are just dolls, but of course, I'm partial. 

And yes, one of the goats had to get a look at us before we moved on. 

And I just realized when looking at this post that the pony is back in the pen today! 


  1. we love seeing you guys doing those zoomies
    Lily & Edward

  2. Glad your dogs got a run. I wish ours could.

  3. So glad you got that dang tooth out, and that your recovering!
    It looked a like a beautiful day at the farm!

  4. So sorry about the tooth and all you had to go through. I recently had a visit with my dentist, but nothing like what you had to go through. Glad it is all fixed now. We have lots of snow on the ground here.

  5. Believe me I know all about dental pain cause I had 8 months of it with the implant last year. I'm surprised they let you drive yourself home.

    Cute goats. Love the ponies.


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