Monday, January 5, 2015

Lots of Pictures!

My gosh. 

Thank heavens the clouds receded yesterday for a while. 

As it rose last night, the setting sun in the west was reflected in the back wall of 
my cousin Kevin's house, on the corner of our street! 

We took advantage of the glorious COLD day by going out for a little while. 

We don't stay out long when it is 18 or 20 degrees, it's too hard on both dogs. 

Oh... and on ME.  

This beautiful stand of pampas grass is in a cow pasture near our house! 

I am now using the Moultrie game camera.  You see, my original camera was a Moultrie. 
It drained 8 batteries almost daily... I read now in the literature they suggest lithium batteries. 

However.... the camera malfunctioned and I wrote the Moultrie people and got permission to send it in to be fixed.  

Guess what?  They sent me a new one!  I put it away because I had bought the 
Wildgame camera in the meantime.  Two weeks ago, I dropped the Wildgame on the porch, and it broke the plastic tab off the battery compartment door, so it won't stay closed.  I would tape it shut... but... the SD card goes in that same place on the camera. 

So... yesterday I got the Moultrie out and looked at it.  I could not tell if it was 
working or not... so I was very pleased to see this today.  If you look at the buckets, and then 
look down, you will see two blue birds drinking on the porch at the old house. 

There was an additional picture of them drinking from the black fortex, but they were 
so dim in that picture you could hardly see them.  I'll be moving the camera tomorrow so 
that we get a better picture. 

"Oh no, not again". 

"Maybe I can just convince her I don't see her"

"I give up, I'm outa here"

This is the Coopers hawk from our header.  He roosts on a short antenna about 4 miles from our house, just outside of the city of Basehor... where he can look over a couple of big farm fields. 

He is beautiful on his underside, is he not? 

This afternoon, coming home from the old place, I turned a corner and came face to face with the most beautiful red tailed hawk who was roosting about 8 feet from where the car was, on the side of the road... at eye's height! 

I could not get the camera out, there was a car just behind me, who had turned right after I did. 

I'll keep my eye out for this beauty in the next week. 

We are about to dive to under zero temps tomorrow night, and I am 
not looking forward to it... I'll be checking that warmer at the old place for sure. 
So far, if I fill it daily... it is working. 


  1. Awesome pictures!! :) I'm glad moultrie came through with the camera, they are good that way we've found. Loving your hawk pictures. Cold here tonight too, which is normal but it's been so warm leading up to it, it feels worse than usual. Hope you stay warm over there :)

  2. I've been reading your blog for awhile but this is my first time commenting. I just love your pictures! It's really cold here in Minnesota, too. Brrrrr.

  3. Beautiful photos Mary Ann.
    Your so lucky to have those wonderful cameras,,,!
    The birds are truly beautiful

  4. Winter has finally arrived in our neck of the woods.
    School is back in session and no outside recess
    this week due to the cold. Oh boy!

    Stay warm.

    M :)

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous hawk photos!

  6. I'm glad the game cam still works. Beautiful hawk. Brrrrrrrrrr it's cold here today.

  7. That hawk picture is so pretty, we could tell Jester was ready to head for the warm car, at least THEY are getting some exercise if you get my drift...pffst.....stella rose

  8. Great pictures! It's so nice that your game cam works well now, and I love that it's in color !!
    Such a pretty hawk.. hope you get a chance to take pictures of the red tailed hawk as well.

    Have a great day.


  9. You got some wonderful pictures. My camera doesn't do a good job at all but then it's a simple digital model. I've tried with little success to take pictures of the moon and the variety of birds here. I've been staying in for the most part but did go out to clear the walks of a couple inches of snow that came down. Now the sun is out but still very cold.

  10. Gorgeous pictures. It looks like a Kr you guys are doing lots of zoomies
    Lily & Edward

  11. I know you must be glad right about now that you don't have the chickens to worry over in this freezing cold. Nice photos!


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