Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Little of This and That

We did not get out to the old place until late afternoon, because I was 
tied up at doctor's appointments today. 

I DID find out that there have been snow geese at the post (Fort Leavenworth) for the 
last month, so I'm going to poke around there next week, before they leave. 

You can see how late in the afternoon it was. 

Over at the south fence, Jester was having a blast all by himself, because Harley and the big dog that Troy and Kathy are watching were not playing. 

He is so desperate to play with someone.  I think I'm going to HAVE to take him to the dog park in Leavenworth... he is just so desperate.  Lilly ignores him. 

I can't take Lilly, which poses a problem... going out the door with one and not the other. 

He would have a blast, though. 

I need to read more about mourning doves to find out why some have white underdrawers.  

There are several that I have seen. 

House finches... I love them.  Next year they can have the nyger seed feeders. 

Still no one on the suet.  I have actually seen a woodpecker here, too. 

I came across five does or does and fawns on my way home... it was dusk, and I could NOT get the camera to focus... to wit....

These two were separated from the other three across the road, and I could NOT get out of the car to steady the camera, the dogs would have taken off and I would never have found them again.  
I would NEVER risk losing my babies. 

But, I know where they are passing now, and it's not that far from the house. 


  1. Yes,,, take Jester and let him play with others,, unless its too cold.
    Will he chase a ball if you throw one for him?

  2. Hope all is well and that you 2 have a great weekend.

    Stay warm.

    good pics of the deer

  3. Ms. Mary Ann just bring Jester up heres for a week or two and wesa will tires him all out for you.
    stella rose

  4. Love the deer pics.

    Enjoy the warmer weather this weekend!

    M : )


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