Monday, January 12, 2015

Different Kinds of Beauty

There is still color and beauty, we just have to look a little harder for it. 

Reds, and browns, and yellows, and tans... 

Simple black and white... 

Above us... 

And below.... 

Tonight, hundreds upon hundreds of geese flew over the house, rising up out of the bean and corn fields to the south of us, and heading for the Missouri River. 

They came in wave after wave after wave.... 

Here they come.... 

I wish you could have heard them...

And there they go....

And go... 

It was glorious! 

Not that I want to jar you or anything, but I got a note from my brother in law Bob, the man on 
the right in this picture.  It was taken at a meeting of vice-consuls and consuls in Nebraska some 
years ago.  
There is my beautiful little sister, Kathleen... before the cancer had struck, before she wasted away, and before 
she died.  

None of us knew about this picture... I am not sure how Bob even found it.  

She never saw it.  

This is how we remember her, not thin and cadaverous and bald. 

What a beauty she was! 

There are so many different kinds of beauty in our world! 


  1. Sorry for your loss, but glad for the beauties of the day.

  2. The geese are so beautiful!
    And your right,, there is a lot of beauty in the world.

  3. glad you jow have this photo of your beautiful sister.

  4. That was nice of him to send you such a good picture of your sister. I know you miss her muchly as my Redneck says.

    Great pics of the critters.

  5. There are many different kinds of beauty in the world. I'm glad you found some there.

  6. And you my beloved friend, are a beauty and joy with a wonderful heart and soul. It is an honor to know you.

  7. Mary Ann, what kind of camera to you use? You take some beautiful photos. Each of those photos of the flying geese looks like it was taken by a professional. Your dogs are so pretty, and your sister was a beauty. So sorry for your loss.


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