Sunday, January 18, 2015

Make You Laugh, Make You Wonder

This is the communications tower that sits in the now-for-sale property that is across the road from the old place. I looked out at this tower for 9 years from our bedroom window. 

Today, while down in the pasture, I was looking at an airplane going over. 

I realized after a second that Split Wing, the big hawk, was flying under the plane, back to the west.  I jumped up to try to get a picture.  I realized he landed on the comm tower. 

Look what I found when I cropped the picture!!!!

Can you see them both?  I did not even see the other one until I cropped the picture. 

Keith met me out there... because..

He has begun replacing windows in the old house. 

The window in Brandon's old room was leaking and could not be locked, so 
it was the first replaced. 

Our girl finally wore herself out in the pasture, and came up. 

This guy was sitting on the tippy-top of a pine tree. 

I know it's only January 18, but I pruned buddleias today...
and took a look at some of my iris in the garden.  

I am going to work on perennials tomorrow, cutting the ones I left 
standing down to ground level. 

This is a terrible picture of the meatballs waiting for Keith to get home so we 
can make some meatball stroganoff. 

It is from Joyce at October Farm, who doggone it, bakes and cooks up a storm and the recipes are always great.  

Then I'm going to watch Downton Abby, but I am getting... let's say... disappointed in Season Five. 

This little white guy has now worked himself into the MIDDLE of the bale of hay they 
have been working on for a week. Last night, I heard him calling out to his two little buff colored friends as I drove by.  He is so stinking cute, and he makes me laugh every time I go by! 

Time to fly! 

Have a great Sunday evening! 


  1. Downton gets better! ;o)

  2. hope you enjoyed your meatballs! lilly looks like she is smiling!

  3. I loved that surprise picture of two instead of was really tired after company left yesterday also, but she had a grand day.
    stella rose

  4. It was a nice stretch of warm weather.
    No coats or gloves to fight with.
    We got out today and did yard work. So funny
    to rake a chop up leaves in January.

    M : )

  5. We liked the photo of the bird,, with its feet hanging down!


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