Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Short Note

I know where this guy is now, and I'll be watching for him. 

Clouds came and went, over and over. 

The dogs and I waited while Keith, who had the day off, worked on the new 
window in the spare bedroom. 

It was only 50 out, and Jester and I finally had to sit in the car and wait. 

When Keith was ready, I went in and helped him lift the window for it's installation. 

I'll take a picture tomorrow, I couldn't get one tonight. 

Then I ran to see Jacob play... and yes, he made this free throw!

Then to the store, and home. 

I'm pooped. 

A year ago today, Keith came home to find me crying on the couch... I was frozen and had been all day, doing chores.  It was that night we talked about "downsizing" and finding an acre or two to 
put a house on. 

Little did I know. 

Cold air is coming back to us in the next few days... but it has not been like it has 
the last two years, thank heavens. 

Thank you all for commenting on our blog, I know you are probably so 
tired of the pasture pictures... but this is a record of our lives... and how I 
love to look back and see what we were doing. 


  1. I really like seeing your pasture pics & hearing about your daily lives.

  2. Never tire of your pasture pictures and hearing about what my neighbor up north is doing.

  3. I very much enjoy your pictures and hearing about your activities!

  4. I enjoy your photos. I need a nicer camera so I can get those long shots.

  5. It is amazing the changes that have happened in one year of your life. I remember reading about how freezing cold it was for you. I always enjoy the pictures.

  6. Echo here. I LOVE the pasture photos!

  7. Mary Ann,

    Sending hugs to you (((((Mary Ann)))))).
    We never get tired of your pasture pictures, and love the pictures of your dogs, and the birds.
    Keep on posting them girlfriend!!!

  8. well, you know what? you did it woman! and it was a lot to do in such a short time! what a good change for you and so smart that you knew it had to be done!

  9. Oh we love your pictures, ....that is a really good pic of Jacob....sounds like he did great...its a little chilly here today...maybe it will freeze that darn mud.
    stella rose

  10. City folks love serene pasture pictures! I know you must miss your flower beds and little menagerie, though. You did what needed to be done. Sometimes our dreams turn into nightmares :-(

    I can remember in high school the basketball uniforms were form fitting jerseys and shorts! Good job, Jacob!

  11. Mary Ann, thanks for your comment about Nyumbani Children's Home. I agree that the Nyumbani website is probably the best route for making donations. Sr. Julie has been there for many years. A few years ago she brought the young boy she mentioned, Mungai, to the states with her to try to get him a cochlear implant. Two of our other sisters also ministered at Nyumbani Village (I understand about an hour from the Children's Home). They started Lawson High School for the children in the village. They are both back in the states but one of them held several flea markets here at the motherhouse to raise money for the school. We have another sister who just went to South Sudan. She has worked in various parts of Africa for many years. Thanks again for your interest in our sisters ministries.

  12. Always enjoy your pictures. Sometimes I feel that same way on our blog, that people might tire of seeing the yard and the trees and the house but like you, it's a record for us as much as it is to share with others. I enjoy reading about the lives of others! Keep it up!!

  13. We love every single picture that you take,, and we love everything you share with us.

  14. So happy for you that you are where you are now.
    I can understand how hard it was for you to make the decision to move, but it seems that you are much happier now, and certainly safer..... no more falls!

    Love your pictures too.


  15. Yay Jacob! Is that a hawk in the tree? We have one that arrives with our martins every spring and I watch him closely because he will try to steal the martin babies.


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