Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day and a Mash Up

Last Veterans Day, my retired soldier and I were able to 
attend the Leavenworth Veterans Day parade together, on 
a cold day. 

Remember, Leavenworth is a "company town". 

Keith had to go to a doctor's appointment early this morning, and 
someone could not get herself together and get out in the 
25 degree cold this morning to take pictures of this year's. 

I'll make it next year, and in the meantime, heartfelt thanks to Keith and all 
of my friends and family who have served... from Korea to Iraq... we 
appreciate you all so much! 

Our friends at Oak Grove Animal Sanctuary (they are on Facebook, folks) posted this picture this morning of a new barn going up for the rescued animals.  I show it to you because....

Those two brown animals in the foreground... are


Inca and Aztec, formerly of Calamity Acres.  Renee and Brian were 
the kind people who adopted them two years ago.  I was so surprised to 
see them this morning, and so glad.  Nosy as ever! 

This was also posted on FB yesterday, I don't think it's a joke, either. 

Folks, I raised chickens for almost 20 years.  They can, if kept in decent surroundings, i.e., a decent 
henhouse, some supplemental heat when it's WAY below zero, in good flesh (fed well) and with fresh water daily... chickens don't need clothing.  In fact... they use their wings to balance themselves, and these sweaters would prevent that.  I know these folks are well-meaning... but... 
I don't even want to think about the poop being flung about, and the problems they would have getting up on a roost with sweaters on.  Ugh. 

Surely, surely... this is someone who owns... two hens. 

I know of a very well-known person who wrote a book after two years of keeping chickens (that sold very, very well) was criticized for something like this a few months ago... and her 
supporters flamed the critics roundly... so badly that I had to quit following the site and the FB page. 

Just my humble opinion. 

It's very cold here today, after yesterday's 71 degrees, but we still went out to run. 

It did not take long to get tired. 

I shudder when I hear the phrase "pop of color" on design shows (which I love, unfortunately). 

These are the only pops of color I truly love. 

This is one of the four Bradford Pears in our own front yard.  Give it two more days! 

Update on Keith: 

He is in technically Week Four of dialysis, counting the week in the hospital. 
He feels SO MUCH BETTER but is still more tired than normal. 
Today he met with the surgeon who will embed his permanent connection, called a "fistula" on Tuesday of next week. As he will be sedated for this procedure, and have to go to a recovery room, 
I'll be driving.  It will take about two months for that fistula to mature in his arm, and then 
the same surgeon will remove his temporary pick lines and sew him up. 

We are having to learn a whole different way of eating, as he is limited as to 
certain things he can eat and drink.  The DaVita Dialysis center website, though, 
has 800 some recipes on it, and tonight I made the Alfredo sauce on the site, 
and mixed it with chicken and we had it over fettucine.  YUM. 

We're learning! 

I'm leaving you tonight with a piece I saw on Pinterest... that cracked me up... 
this was Me AND MATH.  Trust me. 

Keith, on the other hand, can figure huge sums in his head.  I'm in awe, and always have been! 


  1. I love that last picture -- I so hated math! Now I do word problems for a living; go figure. I'm with you on the chicken thing. Heck, we don't even blanket our horses unless they are old, skinnny, or the weather is below 15F. They don't need a blanket; it squished down their fluffy coats making them colder and they sweat during the day. We have relatively mild winters (compared to you) and they are happy and warm with their winter coats. ...even princess Lucy.

  2. Brian would LOVE that sketch; he is wrestling with beginning algebra. Turned cold here today, too -- and WINDY!

  3. I enjoyed seeing your pops of color and the romp the dogs were having. It does sound like you two will be experiencing some new things which is all good...I've learned that change is a constant, never stops

  4. I love that graphic.....believe you, me, that's how I feel about math. I hated it and had to be tutored every year.

    Love the pictures of the pups with their ears flying.

  5. Thank you for your tribute to veterans and thank your family and friends for serving.

    I have never seen chicken sweaters! I have seen them in some sort of aprons to protect them from the violently amorous rooster. When they are pulling the feathers out of the hens back you either have too many roosters or need a new one.

    Glad your husband is feeling better.

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  7. A beautiful post to veterans past, present and future.
    We just loved seeing all the critters. I love how distinguished Llamas look.

    Many prayers for Keith and his procedure and may your learning curve be large
    Hugs madi and mom

  8. A very beautifuul post. Where oh whee did my other comment go?


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