Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Get Out the Vote and Get Out the Dogs

Our State has been a hotbed of political activity for 
weeks now, and the outcome will help affect our nation for the next few years. 

Our polling place changed when we moved, but we went from 
Stranger Creek Volunteer Fire Department to 
Fairmount F.D. 

I actually had stood in line for ten minutes, waiting for those ahead of me. 
It was nice to see a young face behind the desk, our senior citizens are so often 
the main part of the workers. 

This young lady also obliged me with a picture: 

I did not vote until about 2 PM, because I drove up to see my brother Pete this morning at 
his nursing home.  I overheard the election workers saying that 
they were a little over 25% at that point.  I pray that that amount increased the rest of the afternoon, especially as people began to come home from work. 

There were so many reminders on Facebook all day long, I read my feed 
when I finally got home this evening.  

First... I had to do this: 

I cannot NOT take them out for a run... they greet me, jumping up and down, and 
want so badly to go. 

Sis is not afraid of anything. 

And Jester is everywhere, all around us, running and running.  He loves to run! 

You can see The Tree is fading now, and with the better camera, there is still 
a little color on the ridge behind it. 

Troy has been very, very busy since Sunday. 

This is the tree that was knocked over by our mini-tornado four summers ago. 

You see why it went over easily... it was hollow at the core.  Troy will be burning this wood after it is split. 

And of course, I looked for ten minutes for a picture of the goats on this tree... but... I could not find it. Keith always tells me I have TOO many pictures and they are not organized well... but... they are organized by date, and that's what I need most.  I guess it didn't work this time. 

I will try to get caught up on everyone's blog tomorrow while Keith is at dialysis... it's funny how it has just become part of the routine already. 

I'd like to ask everyone's prayers for little Macey, the granddaughter of a good friend... she is 
going to be having MRIs at the University of Iowa Medical Center in Iowa City tomorrow, 
and her parents and grandparents are very, very worried.   Let's all think positive thoughts so this little seven year old can get through her ordeal in good shape. 


  1. Voted, between the bad and the worst. :-(

  2. We voted by mail. Don't you get to do that?
    I know the dogs were so happy to go run a little!
    Your day has been so busy,,,,!!
    Yup- keeping Macey in thoughts and prayers.

  3. HI THERE...... We just saw your comment about your VOTE fur Blogville Mayor.... so we Emailed to Sarge and Mayoress Madi... to let them know To COUNT YOUR VOTE....
    Every VOTE is PRECIOUS in Blogville. THANK YOU.... It is very much appreciated... This was a tough decision... we were not sure we could Chews... Hope you got some of Chef Sasha's AWESOME POSSUM PIZZA after you voted.

  4. I love the way Anericans have the option to vote by mail

  5. It was pretty quiet at the polls when I went yesterday. I haven't looked at the paper to see the results yet this morning, but really there were no major issues here as far as I was concerned. The dogs sure do love to get out and run. I will pray for your friends granddaughter. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  6. is it my imagination or is lily much more active since jester arrived?

  7. We both voted. I left work a little early to go by and do so. The hubby went by and voted before he baled our last hay cutting. Which we had to end up getting the neighbors to round bale in the end. The string he picked up for our baler would not work. All the stores quit carrying it at this time of year. Another lesson learned. Buy extra every time to make sure you have the right kind.

    Won't be a complete loss on the string he bought that won't work. I told him I was going to crochet a neon orange hunting vest out of it for him...........


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