Monday, November 24, 2014

Before the World Blows Up

I am going to try to get a post in before 
things get bad in Missouri, and we are drawn to the tv.

Praying for all of those people ... because there are 
two "sides" and the situation has become so 

I wish we could just all get along. 

I think prayers are really going to be needed for the next few days. 

I cleaned the porch up after taking this picture! 

Extremely disappointed in my solution to the water problem at 
the old house... the new fountain was totally dry when we got 
out there today.  I know it wasn't cold enough for the heater to kick on... and we 
had not been there since Friday afternoon.  That tells me most of the water 
evaporated from the open container.   The old fortex is on the deck, and 
it was open... and as you see, I refilled this one.  

I think, though, that I am going to bring it home so I can 
fill it daily here. 

I've thought of another solution for the old house - a heated dog water bowl.  
We'll see.  I may just have to give up for the wild birds out there. 
There ARE plenty of ponds around... but gosh, I got such joy from 
helping the wildings. 

Despite the rain, they have nearly finished the big tree in Basehor.  This is NOT the 
city tree... it's in someone's yard.  I didn't see the cherry picker around, but 
I don't think they are finished yet, either. 

We did not stay out long today... even though it was 38, the wind was blowing hard. 

Too cold for Jes. 

Look whom we saw on the way home!  He is so majestic looking, and I was so lucky there were no other cars on the road. 

You can get an idea of the size of his beak.  Very impressive! 

I saw him in action the other day, but could not stop and capture it. 

I am praying for peace... I hope that we can have it.  


  1. Peace. Yes Mary Ann.
    The world needs to start singing a song for peace.
    Thats sad the waterer did not work out-- but maybe will at your house.
    That hawk is so beautiful,, a very amazing photo

  2. Praying with you Mary Ann. Hope nothing crazy happens. Don't understand people who riot and such.

  3. Peace indeed, for all involved. Things everywhere seem so broken lately and we are praying that the spirit of the coming holiday season mends things some.

    Edgar and his mum

  4. A lot of us would just like to live in peace and quiet and finish our lives. The question remains whether that will happen or not. Very sad.

  5. Hi Mary Ann, I agree a lot of prayers will be needed in the next few days. I'm in front of the tv now awaiting the verdict. I can't imagine how those who want to riot and steal and hurt others in retaliation think that will help anything. BG has asked me not to go to Columbia for awhile. Great shot of the beautiful bird. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. i think we are all holding our breath. i hope it all turns out okay. we have had the worst winds today.

  7. I'm praying for peace too, such a tragedy all around, enough is enough.

  8. The crowd doesn't look too thick for now. Maybe it will stay peaceful.

  9. I'll be praying for that situation and so many others. Peace on Earth, Good will to all men is my plea. There is so much anger going on. Everyday some tragedy seems to come our way. So sad we cannot get along. You got some really good pictures once again. I love that huge tree in someone's yard.

  10. Peace requires long-suffering and forgiveness, two things in very short supply in many humans . Only by the grace of God....

  11. Wish we could all get along too. The tree is beautiful
    Lily & Edward


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