Sunday, November 2, 2014

Got It!

Remember, I started working on the Briar Patch this week, the patch with the terrible cockleburs. 


So, today, the dogs desperately needed a run, and off we went. 

When I got there, the gate to the pasture was wide open, and someone had clearly been 
coming in and out. 

Yes, I freaked a little.  We have been so lucky not to have anyone bother our place for 8 months. 

My helpers immediately started sniffing around and inspecting the whole pasture.  I am so grateful to have them.

I turned back to the car to get my gloves... and when I turned again... here came 
Troy in his pickup out of the pasture. 

This is what he has been doing, bless him! 

He is going to put all that wood to great use. 

The smaller branches, like the one to the right in this picture, I will drag down to the 
brush pile.  

I know it's hard to see, but where you see the straw color in the middle of this photo... 
is the chicken wire that has been caught in the grass since March!  I finally got it 
all loose, without having to cut it! 

You can see it a little better in this picture.  This was tie-wrapped all around the sides of the dog pen that the Mille Fleurs lived in.  Those are my Fiskar's big cutters, not wire cutters, but... I pulled up almost all of those horrible cocklebur stalks.   They were dumped out on 
the burn pile in the driveway.  I am going to have to spray Roundup on this spot (you know I hate to do it)... but I have GOT to kill these burrs.  There are also two landscape timbers I need 
to dig up and move, and then Troy said he would come over and mow it even with the rest of the pasture. 

The wire and the grass in which it was entwined are going into the back of the HHR to 
go to the dump.  

"The Tree" is still beautiful, but it's color is fading.  The hills behind it are fading, too.  I had the 
little camera in my pocket (always). 

I had left the light on in the henspa two days ago, and Troy reminded me, so I ran over to turn it off. There is a metal cabinet in there that needs to come home with me this week, too. 
It won't be tomorrow, as we are expecting rain.  

I snapped this picture as I went by the garden... it's my white lilac... look at the buds on it! 

Beau's tree in the pasture has dropped all it's leaves... and the others are dropping, as well. 
November... doesn't seem possible it has come already. 

A word about the blog... 
last night, I had a nasty entry in the comments, which I have deleted.  I suspect 
it was put there to entice people to it's source, because it was a hacker, etc.. Always be careful 
of clicking on those links. 

I have also noted that blogs that have never had Word Verification before have it now, and I need to 
see if mine does, all of the sudden.  I suspect Blogger did this... because of perceived problems across their network. 

I hope everyone's month has gotten off to a great start! 

Keith is feeling pretty well... he will be seeing a specialist within the next two weeks...
and following up with a permanent implant for his dialysis.  Yes, it kicks his behind, but 
he thinks he can live with it easily. 

Thanks for all your prayers. 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow, you got a lot done! So glad Keith is coping so well.
    I had to delete a comment today too. Mine was anti American women! I saw the same nasty comment on a lot of the blogs I read. What a jerk.

  3. Found this on Wiki: The common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium) is a native of North America where in the now extinct Carolina parakeet once fed on the seeds. It has become an invasive species worldwide. It invades agricultural lands and can be poisonous to livestock, including horses, cattle, and sheep. Some domestic animals will avoid consuming the plant if other forage is present, but less discriminating animals, such as pigs, will consume the plants and then sicken and die. The seedlings and seeds are the most toxic parts of the plants. Symptoms usually occur within a few hours, producing unsteadiness and weakness, depression, nausea and vomiting, twisting of the neck muscles, rapid and weak pulse, difficulty breathing, and eventually death.

  4. That is a lot accomplished.

    Glad Keith is getting along with this nuisance (not making light of it).

    I finally had to restore my computer. Said it was online but would not pull up anything. I noticed several had this same spam in comments. Sure bites when that happens!

  5. Wow Mary Ann your really going to town out there pulling those nasty weeds and wires and stuff.
    Glad Keith is doing so good,,,, were thankful..
    The farm is looking beautiful Mary Ann! Such work!

    Those bad spamers need to go mind their own buisness,, they are evil.

  6. good news about keith! i just love how everything looks so golden this time of year. there is a golden glow out there.

  7. Getting that chicken wire loose must have been so difficult. What a fun pasture run
    Lily & Edward

  8. You are one determined lady! So glad you finally got the chicken wire out ! The colors are fading and I've been very thankful for the leaves that remain adding some color to the landscape.

  9. Woo Hoo, another project down. Troy is a good neighbor. Glad you have one like him.

  10. Your view of the hills and water is gorgeous! Glad you conquered the cockle burrs!!

  11. Mary Ann,

    I'm so happy to hear Keith is getting better. Nice clearing of those cockle burrs!
    Glad to hear it was someone you knew on your property.


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