Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hawk Day

As Keith said when he came in the door tonight... 
"I have never seen so many hawks as I saw today!"

Neither did I! 

This is the back view of our friend from yesterday... he was on the same pole, 
looking for dinner.  

Beautiful, huh? 

Here's his front view as the dogs and I came home from the farm. 

This guy was circling over our pasture. 

Guess what I saw as he saw me? 

Uh huh.  Jester was down in the bottom tier, our pasture is terraced from when it was a strawberry farm. 

Jester had been out of sight of ME, but not of the hawk.  

Ten years ago... Oscar, our Min Pin, was attacked and lifted off the 
ground by a hawk.  He had to have stitches and a shunt put in his haunches 
for ten days.  

He landed in a tree in Spehar's pasture.  

I looked away to take a picture of this big nest... and when I looked back, he was gone. 
I kept Jester close to me. 

However, five minutes later, I saw him far off, quartering another pasture. 

Lilly hardly looked up. 

I dropped the dogs off at home, and left to run to the store quickly... and I saw this guy 
on a pole. 

A beauty, huh????

This terrible picture is of Jester checking out our new bird bath! 

It is on the porch at the old house, the porch that is so cluttery, still. 
I have a gizmo to put around the plug connector to keep it clean and dry, but 
couldn't figure out how to put it on... help, Keith.... and if this 
fount works out... it turns heat on when the temps get below 34.... then I'm going 
to get one for here.  It holds about 3 1/2 quarts of water.  

If this DOESN'T work... I'll bring it over here when I can keep a close eye on it, and 
get a heated dog bowl for water over there.  Then I don't have to worry about 
the wild birds there. 

I think it's really attractive, too, and has a cast sand base so that 
the birds can get a good grip on it. 

And Kathy's cat! 


  1. i have been seeing more and more hawks here too. poor jester...keep a good eye on him! the crows dive bomb teddy but she goes after them.

  2. You got some beautiful hawk photos!

  3. The heated water bowl is a wonderful idea! I hope it works! Some people we know have one for their horses,, of course its much bigger. That one looks very nice.
    The photo of Jester is not bad at all Mary Ann.. You take beautiful photos.. And the hawks, oh my gosh-- you caught some beautys.
    Of course were glad the hawk did not go after Jester!
    We have those red tails too,,, but I have never been able to take a photo and have it look ok.. This little Nikon,, just can;t do it.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  4. Being in the city , we don't see many hawks, but there have been a few sighted. I've often wondered why they'd choose to come this far in to hunt. It would be a scary thing to have your dog attacked that way. I love the new waterer. Hope it works.

  5. I saw one swooping down on the interstate going home yesterday. Was glad he wasn't hit by a car trying to catch whatever it was after.

    More rain for us this weekend.

    That's a good idea. Hope it works.

    Have a happy weekend.

  6. We enjoy watching the Hawks swoop down. They are beautiful
    Lily & Edward


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