Friday, November 7, 2014

Fast Work

Wow, we just had something happen here I have to write about. 

About two hours ago, I was at the old house, with the dogs running 
happily in the sunny pasture. 

Lilly always gets the glory, but this little guy filled the hole in our hearts left by 
Abby's loss... and how he loves to run in the country! 

Anyway, I happened to look at my phone to see that Keith 
had been calling me, so I called him. 

We have been trying to get a nursery to respond to us about 
removing the crooked tree by our back deck, where 
Keith wants to work on new steps this weekend. 

See it?  I took this soon after we moved in.  
It was not only not attractive, half of it was already dead.  It prevented me from getting a mower in under it, and weeds grew there all summer.  

Keith asked me where I was (It was 2:23) and told me that 
he had gone by a different nursery, (Leavenworth-Lansing Nursery) and talked to them about the tree 
removal.  I should tell you that he was able to cut about half of it down. 

I told him I would head home in ten minutes, and it was lucky I did 
because I had been here 25 minutes or so when Justin and Tyler 
came to the door. 

Justin checking out the stump.  Keith had made a cut 
in the lower trunk and the boys had it broken in five minutes. 

Here Tyler is checking out the roots. 

They dug all the way around, and cut all the roots with 
the shovels... and actually broke a shovel. 
They rocked that baby until they got it out. 
All out. 


From start to finish... it was maybe 40 minutes. 

They cleaned up all the debris, and hauled it out of the yard.  Also incredible! 

They took pictures with their phone... and the manager 
will base the price on the size of the tree and bill us. 

They will be getting more business from us in the spring, we 
still have a project to do here in the front yard. 

Great business!  Great customer service! 

Keith just went to buy the supplies to rebuild the steps before 
the weather bottoms out this weekend. 

Please keep thinking positive thoughts for little Macey, 
she had a sad day today, all the pain and trips to the doctors are getting to her... she needs 
good thoughts and all the positivity we can muster! 


  1. Thank u so much mary Ann for mentioning our Mackey she had to go back late this afternoon for more blood goes to mayo's is crying

  2. Wow Mary Ann, that is a lot to blog about,,,, So much happening,
    At least the weather was good..
    Feeling overwhelmed tonight-- cold is creeping in and fog,, time to rest

  3. Yay! Glad they got that done, and so fast.

  4. Glad you found someone to help out there. The weather is quickly turning here this weekend too. My heart goes out to Macey and her family.

  5. Looks like a big job. Well done
    Lily & Edward

  6. Good customer service is definitely worth paying for! Glad that job is finished....and so quickly!

  7. Look at that big hole!!!
    Here I am back again,, to see what else you have been doing

  8. Every so often things just go right : ) That was sure a strange tree in a strange place.

  9. Love it when you get fast good service.


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