Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Long Picture Post

I took the dogs out for a run this afternoon since it got up to 42. 

It was gorgeous out... the sun shining, and no wind, compared to yesterday. 
What a relief! 


Or... Christmas tree decorations? 

While the dogs were running in the pasture, I was cutting weeds. 

I have to figure out what to spray them with (fixative) so I don't have seeds all over the bedroom... and something NOT flammable... because of the tiny lights on that prim tree. 

However, this is going to be the "natural" tree. 

Before we left, I had run the recyclables over to the transfer station. 
Only a few geese were on the pond... really, if I go in the late afternoon, it's packed! 

This one rambled all around the pasture, 

While this one stuck a little closer to Mom.  Lilly had gone after him several times. 

She found a bone the other day, and was protecting it... I thought. 

I became aware that she was laying by the old henhouse... when I turned to take this picture...

Jester tried to go through the single walk gate just out of sight to the left, and Lilly drove at him, she had been laying by the walnut tree you see here.  I should have realized something was up. 

But... she came through the gate finally and went down to the bottom of the pasture, where she was pouncing on something in the grass. 

So, I saw this guy: 

It was a hawk, not a buzzard, but he did not come closer, and soon disappeared into the blue. 

And then this came over... from the southeast to the northwest, so I don't think 
headed for Fort Leavenworth or the airbase at Topeka. 

So then I realized I was getting chilly, and Jester, who had gone down into the far end of the pasture, had come back up and was ready to go up in the yard. 

I got up and followed him, and we went to the car.  He was glad to jump in... and I turned around and called Lil.  I couldn't see her anywhere... 
finally... I saw her tail wagging at the walk gate into the pasture by the old henyard. 

This gate is just to the right of the henhouse. 

Jester saw me walk toward the gate... and he jumped back out of the car to follow me. 

Because... this little guy was in the porch of the old henhouse. 

I believe one of the dogs had already gotten him...because I had heard something cry out earlier, and had actually gotten up and walked up into the yard and looked around. 

Lilly would normally kill them... and it looks like he was mouthed at that back left leg. 

Poor little thing.  I had meant to take some bread out there I needed to throw out today... but forgot it. 

This may have been the culprit.  

But, somehow, I don't think so. 

Poor little guy was panting hard.  I'm sure one of them got him.  
Hurts me... I can't bear to kill them. 

I loaded the dogs up so he could relax.  I hope he lives. 

I was almost home when I hit the brakes as I saw this guy. 

My stopping disturbed him. 

But he didn't go far... I was shooting over my shoulder at this point. 

He landed 20 feet away.  I noticed two cars were coming, so I put the camera down and drove.  I passed another hawk, a much smaller one, in the same pasture about 50 feet away, but could not get him on camera, of course. 

You can't see them very well, but when we got home, there was a lineup of 
doves sunning themselves on the fenceline where the bird feeders are in our yard! 

And I wanted to mention that last night on the way home from the farm, I scared a flock 
of about 20 robins!  Robins!  Never have I seen them this late in the year. 

I read something on the Birds and Blooms website today that if there is 
ample food, they will stick around.  I was so stunned. 

Keep praying for the people of Ferguson and other places where there is 
so much unrest.  I am not going to give opinions... we don't need to 
incite people... but just pray that peace will return to our country. 

Blessed in Leavenworth County, Kansas. 


  1. I just love your pictures..you are doing really well with your new camera.
    stella rose and momma

  2. I'm glad you had such a beautiful day! You got some great shots of the eagle!

  3. Those are amazing photos Mary Ann,,, the wings are just gorgeous.
    Your sky is so blue,, and the lake where the geese were-- beautiful too.
    I hope the little possum is okay too

  4. You got some wonderful pictures. Your new camera really does a lovely job of it. Glad you got a nice day to get out there. It's been very windy and cold here. Lost some shingles once again on our roof. Praying always for peace in our world.

  5. I won't hurt them either. He probably left when he thought it was safe.

    Hoping ya'll have a great T day!

  6. Lovely pictures.
    The pups are busy ones for sure!

    Yes, Ferguson needs lots of prayers!! Hopefully they sill passed all
    the bad feelings--so sad. Especially at this time of year.

    Thankful on Lenexa.
    Check your e-mail later--I have a question for you.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    M :)


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