Thursday, November 6, 2014

Random Shots

A Blast from our Past... and makes my heart sing and hurt at the same time...
Abby, Gertie, with Hannah resting on them, in the living room at the old place. 
What wonderful little girls they were, along with our first pug, Addie Mae. 

How we miss them! 

Sedum gone by in the garden yesterday. 

Bittersweet in the fence line yesterday.  We never had any until last year... 
and it came back despite a summer of neglect. 

When I went to pick Keith up at dialysis yesterday, I took the back roads back to our house.  We followed two combines for five miles.  

Notice there is a ditch at either side of this road. 

The few cars that passed us waited in driveways for the combines to get by, as they took up almost the whole road. 

Guess who didn't pull over? 

Just a minute before I took this picture, a full grain truck (corn) had been in the opposite lane.  He didn't even slow down and there are no shoulders here. 

This is a mile from our house. 

Last night when Keith came home from work... he came upon a big grain truck on 
it's side in the ditch to the left, or south, of this picture.  There were two 
fire trucks and the fire department chief there responding to the wreck, and 
the road, we are sure, was eventually closed.  

Remember I took the picture of the grain truck in my rear view mirror last week? 
I can't tell you how many times they have whizzed by me in the last month.  

Tornado siren test. 

To this day, after almost three months... we have never heard Jester bark or howl. 
He does whimper, when excited. 

He whimpers every single time we go by this pasture daily. 

The horses and cows get him all excited. 

These are just about the last flowers to bloom after two hard frosts. 
They are fading now.  

In fact, the tiny little pink mum bush behind them was still blooming, too. 

There is still some color, just not as much as last week and the week before. 

Little Macey, about whom I wrote yesterday, must go back 
again next Tuesday to the medical center for yet more tests. 

Please keep her and her family in your prayers as they 
wait to find out what is going on with her. 


  1. My heart and thoughts go out to Macey, and her family.
    Hoping that they find an answer soon.

    Love the pictures. How fun to have the bittersweet thrive.


  2. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    stella rose

  3. That bittersweet is so colorful. I love in autumn wreaths, but the kind I have is artificial. It would be very dangerous passing a huge vehicle like that on a narrow road. Makes one wonder why anyone has to go so fast as to take a chance on landing in the ditch. Will continue prayers for Macey and hope they find the problem soon. Testing is no fun at all.

  4. I know the sadness in your heart when you think of your pug babys Mary Ann,,, And I also see you trying to rise above it- by enjoying the beauty around you,, and all the blessings you have.
    Beautiful photos,,
    Your babys are angels that are with us every day, Thank you little angels

  5. those pugs are so cute. i know how you must miss them. teddy sounds like someone is torturing her when she sees the "big puppies"!

  6. those guys get so comfortable in those rigs, they forget to be cautious

    Sorry to hear Macey has to have more tests, will be thinking of her

    have a happy weekend


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