Thursday, November 13, 2014

All About Lilly

Our beautiful 8 year old girl did not get to go in the pasture 
for years.  She was okay with the minis and the pony, but then came the llamas. 
If you don't know this... llamas can be deadly to canines, the coyote kind and the 
dog kind.  
None of our dogs was allowed in the pasture during the Llama Era. 

Ranger could not imagine his good luck when he was allowed to go 
down there, and he would wait until I went to the gate and told him to come ahead. 

This one did not need urging: 

"What's Bob Spehar doing?  She better stay out of my pasture!" 

"I'm not scared of you Bwahahahahaha" 

"Could we please go home??? It's 27 degrees out here!" 

(We went home).  


  1. Long hair or not, our little dachshund doesn't care that much for the cold, now that she's "middle-aged."

  2. Very beautiful photos! Oh yes, we can imagine how much fun Lily and Jester have running in the pasture! Especially since no dangerous animals out there to hurt them. Did you know donkeys will kill dogs too- just like the Llamas.?
    Such a beautiful day out there in the pasture. I would have never guessed it was only 27 degrees!
    We have pouring rain,,, and maybe ice tonight,, but for us,,, no snow landed on this old farm house,

  3. Your Lily is a beautiful companion. The pictures were wonderful and the little guy is just too cute for words. I don't do much of anything out side when it's 27 degrees either.

  4. Whoa.. it certainly has been cold there. I'm glad the dogs got to get out and run a bit though. You can tell they just loved it!

  5. The wind was whupping here yesterday and it was cold. Going to be even colder today and tomorrow. I think I'll be inside crocheting!

    Happy weekend.

  6. OH we just love seeing pictures of sweet lily and Jesters face sure said it all....cold...this morning momma put us out to pee and she looked out into the prison yard and gussie was sitting there holding his paw in the air cos he was cold!!
    stella rose


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