Friday, November 21, 2014

A Long Picture Post

I picked this picture because I put the camera in the worst possible place... you cannot really see 
the new water fountain... but... the birds found it!  I'll move that chair and put the camera over there tomorrow.  I need to start cleaning all the "stuff" off the porch, anyway. 

I was so glad to see this, even though the pictures were very hard to see. 

My beloved bluebirds are finding it. 

I actually saw one bluebird at the water bowl here at the new house one day this week. 
I'll get this camera arranged so that we can see the birds better. 

Compared to the wonderful, golden sun we had yesterday, today was gloomy and 
rainy, and in fact, we could not stay out too long. 

I don't go very fast this time of year... I have been seeing dead deer all over the roads, for the rut has started already. 

Luckily, I caught movement to my left, and had the camera ready.  He waited to see if I was coming closer. 

Trotted down a little ways (and I was watching for others, believe me) 

Sailed over the fence....

Across and up and over the fence on the other side...

And into the pasture on the other side.  I'm sorry the shots are so blurry... I totally forgot how to turn on my continuous shots (until afterwards!) and the car was vibrating my hands. 

He was a beautiful young buck. 

I knew there had to have been birds at the water fount because Jester was all over it. 
I filled it to the top again.  It will be interesting to see how the water evaporates. 

The heater was not on, it was 41 while we were out there, and it has to be below 35 for the heater 
to kick on.  

Our intrepid girl was not stopped by the rain or gloom. 

Jester definitely did not want to go out in the rain... he and I sheltered in the goat barn for a bit, and then I realized it was not going to stop.  

And Lil was ready to leave, too, which is unlike her.  
At least the car got clean, and there was no ice! 

This is a frequent site around here at the moment, and we saw this group on the way home... there were many scores more around them. 

We see this little guy daily, too, he is tunneling into his hay bale! 

He has some goat companions who were laying in the little barn. 

His big horse companions (4 of them) seem to have disappeared at the moment. 

A crew has been decorating this big tree for the last few days... there is a cherry-picker around on the other side....and I'll get a better picture of it tomorrow.  When we came back by on the way home, the crew was gone because of the rain.  

This is in Basehor. 

I'm going to leave you with a little video of Jester... he always can make me laugh, even on the gloomiest of days. 


  1. what a character jester is! he sure is lucky to be living with you! i am SO cautious driving at this time of year. there are dead deer everywhere and i live in the city!

  2. Oh yes be careful of those deer running across the road!!
    Lilly and Jester sure love going out to run - don't they.? Do they play with balls?
    Love those canada geese... We sometimes see them overhead,, but if we go into town 12 miles away-- down near the store,, millions of those canada geese are eating in the fields.

  3. It's still white with snow here but today it is to warm up and the rain moves in so very soon our landscape will be looking much like yours there. It won't last long though as already they are predicting some snow for Thanksgiving weekend.

  4. Finally getting a chance to stop by.. love your header!.. and oh, that adorable mini, a quarter of the size of his hay role. And I've always loved big decorated outdoor trees, and am thankful when people put the effort into doing it.

  5. his name fits him! such a sweetie.

    great pics of the buck!


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