Saturday, November 1, 2014

Let The Christmas Shopping Begin

Well, actually, it began four months ago. 

But I did do some more at the first of the holiday craft shows today. 

This is the larger of the two, the Alpha Delta Kappa show at 
Basehor-Linwood High School, in Basehor, Kansas. 

My sister and I used to go to this one.  It did not have as many 
vendors this year, but I bought more, if that makes sense. 

This lady always has a wonderful booth. See those two little decorated trees?  They are 
in buckets, which she has painted.  I could do this!  In fact, for next year by 
the front door, I think I WILL do this.  They were also reasonably priced at 35.00. 

This one was also in her booth, and it sold while I was looking at it.  
I don't do white trees, but this one IS pretty. 

Crafters set up in the gym, the lunchroom, and the entrance hallway.  I do not need 
any more wreaths, but I wish I would have looked at the garland you can see here under the arch. 

These folks always have wonderful things in their booth.. and this door 
had already sold.  I love it. 

This lady, Kim Overbey from Parson Prairie Farm,  was spinning her 
own alpaca wool. 

These were some of the things they had for sale.  If my sister were still alive, 
I would have bought some for her to use. 

Another booth had all kinds of goat milk soaps and other things for sale. 

This man was a new vendor this year, he is  Glenn Garrison, and 
does wonderful artwork of native birds and animals.   I bought some 
cards from him.  

He also had clever tote bags and tee shirts with his artwork on them. 

The Basehor Linwood School mascot is a Bobcat.  This one is on display in a booth in the main hall. 
This picture makes it look huge... it is only a little larger than a house cat... and yes, 
I felt so sorry for it ending up in a display window. 

I went to the much smaller Holy Angels parish craft sale, always held on the same days.
I think there were fewer vendors at both, and also, fewer buyers.  

I was able to buy two wonderful sweatshirts for Christmas gifts at very 
reasonable prices from a lady I call "The Sweatshirt Lady"... and 
some more beautiful handmade cards to send to a few 
people at Thanksgiving.  

I am down to about six gifts I still need for Christmas, so doing 
pretty well in that respect. 

Keith is feeling much better after his first week of dialysis, 
I can hear him working in the basement below me, in fact. 
He feels better than he has in months. 

We will get into the swing of the three days a week of early mornings, 
and I am just so grateful to have him back in some semblance of good health. 

We had 8 trick or treaters last night... 
how about you? 


  1. it is that season now and i need to get started! we handed out 300 treat bags!

  2. Tis the season. I can't wait for the political ads to end and the Christmas ads to start.

  3. Is there any way I can get in touch with glen garrison? I am interested in some cards.

  4. Looks like fun, we were so busy with my
    birthday-I forgot about them. Please remind
    me again next year and if you know of more
    to come.

    Glad Keith is doing so much better!

    We had about two dozen spooks.

    M : )

  5. So glad Keith is doing so well.
    We used to like to go to those craft events....used to.
    I am glad you had so much fun.
    Very nice things there.

  6. Craft shows are fun and you can find some unique gifts at them. I've not been to one yet, but hopefully will. Glad Keith is doing so much better. That is the best of news for sure!

  7. That's good that you beat the rush. When I did have to buy presents, I always waited to the last minute. Could be why I hated shopping so much.

    Love the alpaca yarn. I just started crocheting again, would have loved to buy a few skeins.


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