Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall is Flying

From this: 


To this: 


When I took this picture this afternoon, the dogs were running back and forth in the 
pasture in 71 degree heat, with bright blue skies. 

It was a gorgeous day. 

Jester ran and ran and ran. 

And he finally flopped down in the shade. 

Troy has cut the maple tree up that split in the storm several months ago, and has split the 
wood and taken it home to cure for his fireplace.   This is what's left... a pile of 
brush.  I started dragging it down to the brush pile.  I got about half of it dragged. 

Last week, I showed you some horses in this pasture.  These horses belong to a man who 
used to trim our pony and mini hooves for us.  I went back and looked at the first picture. 

I particularly liked that Appy mare with the loud pattern.  (He breeds Arab crosses)

I realized when I looked at that picture again that she does not look good... she almost looks lame, or in pain. 

I have not seen her since this day, and I've stopped and looked. 

I don't see her in the pens across the road at his homeplace, either. 

This handsome GIRL is named "Bob".  She was with this guy: 

And they were just across the fence in Troy's back yard. 

They belong to the Spehars, our neighbors to the east with the beautiful ponds. 

Lil was NOT HAPPY to see them. 

And boy, was I ever happy that Troy had pulled the fence up and re-attached where the tree had fallen on it from his pond-side. 

She would have gone straight on through last week. 

Tomorrow, it will be too cold to wander around and take pictures. 

The water will have ice on it. 

And though I have the game camera pointed to the fortex of water... I saw some birds still drinking there the other day... we are supposed to have winds to 40 miles an hour as the front blows in tonight, and I suspect that the camera will blow over during the night.  It's set for 24 hour pictures... so maybe I will get a few pictures. 

I have been listening to the local news while typing this post... 
and our temp of 71 will be a thing of the past for the week... they are now predicting 
18 as the overnight temp for Friday night. 


Please continue to remember our little friend Macey in 
your prayers.  Tomorrow, she has another MRI... and her 
blood tests results have now gone to the Mayo clinic.  The family 
will be taking her now to Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines for 
follow up.  We are holding them in our hearts and asking God to hold them in His hands.  


  1. More blue ribbon photos from you Mary Ann! That one of Lilly drinking the water. Yes,, the leaves are going fast - aren't they?
    With the storm sweeping everywhere- and their sweeping here too.

  2. We do it well here inthe great state of Kansas, one minute 71 and the next
    straight south.

    Prayers for Macey and her camily.

    M : )

  3. What a difference there with the foliage. The pretty colors are mostly gone here too. Fall is fast fading and just a few short weeks now until Thanksgiving. Your dogs will miss it when they can't take a run in the pasture. Sorry to hear that Macey is still undergoing testing. She remains in my prayers.

  4. it is so weird to be sitting here in 70 degree sunny weather and know what is about to roll our way!

  5. I hope he has rescued some of those horses, because 3 of them are extremely thin. They either need groceries or medical/dental attention or both. I have two 27 year olds and a 28 year old that look WAY better than those. They won't be coping well with the cold without a little body fat.

  6. I'm glad he got the fence up too. Don't need any dog fights.

    Jester is such a cute guy.

    Not looking forward to the drop in temps.


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