Friday, November 14, 2014

Bringing the Cover Down

The henspa, in all it's glory: 

Oops... that's two goats on a tractor. 

However, you can see the henspa in the background, with it's "lid" on... the netting 
we put up to keep wild birds out of the henyard. 

This was taken a year ago today. 

Here it is, brand new... two years ago next month.  Note two happy hens, moved over from 
the old henhouse. 

Keith had a right to be smiling, he built that wonderful framework, and carefully worked the 
netting over it, so we could zip tie it down. 


I went around the fence and cut these: 

Some of them had rotted... and weren't  hard to break... the others were hard. 

We had had to tie it down several times, and it had ripped in several places. 
It did NOT hold heavy snow, we always had to drop it and then put it back up. 

The yard had volunteer tomatoes growing in, and lots of volunteer plants that had 
grown from the chicken feed we had fed there. 

It was a gorgeous day.  I heard, but did not see, geese, behind me to the west as I worked. 
I finally had to pull this down and cut through, to get it all down. 

I pulled it (it's heavy!) into a large pile, and left it in the henyard.  Next week, I'll drive 
alongside the henyard and pull and push it all into the back of the HHR, and haul it to 
the transfer station, and get rid of it. 

The helpers were busy while I was working.  It was 32 out, but tomorrow, we are expecting from 1 to 5 inches of snow.  By Tuesday night, it will be in the single digits! 


See the line of the storm coming in the background of the above picture?  You are looking N to NE. 
Here it comes! 

Before I went to the old place, I ran to the library and then to get gas... then to drop off a load at the transfer station with recyclables... paper and cardboard.  This man-made pond is near the 
transfer station.  It had a large crowd of geese on it... aren't they smart?  They have a good 
pond in the lee of a good hill, where they are protected from the wind.  There are bean and corn fields very close.  There was also a huge heron... he flew across, but I did not have the big 
camera with me.  

We've battened down the hatches... and we're ready for the bad weather! 


  1. I hope the weather doesn't hit you TOO hard. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. Oh Mary Ann,, those tarps are sooo heavy,,, and tarps just don't last long - do they?
    Another busy day for you,,,,
    Those geese were beautiful! I hope its not too far from where you live now,,, and maybe sometime you can drive by to see if the geese are there.

  3. This reminds me of so many projects that we worked really hard on that didn't work out as we had planned. Oh well, life is trial and error, but the good always outweighs the bad, doesn't it? :) I hope the storm is not too awful bad up there..we are in the 20's today and I fear fall has left with a whimper before it even got a good start!

  4. It's coming. The football game boasted a high of 20 degrees! Unseasonably cool is what I keep hearing.

    Stay safe.

  5. I remember you putting this up. It was so nice to have it. Glad you got so much done before the weather hits. I am much more ready this year than last - now that I have a new word in my vocabulary. Can you say Polar Vortex? Brrrrrrrr

  6. We got that bad weather yesterday. It pour all day long.

  7. I love the picture of the goats on the tractor. Now, if you could just teach them to drive it and get some work done! What a beautiful photo of the ducks on the pond. We've already had a little snow in Arkansas! Very unusual for this time of the year. I'm afraid we're in for a very cold Winter. You are wise to get prepared. laurie

  8. I do not like it when you haven't posted for a couple/three days...I hope all is well.

  9. Watching and waiting to see you and yours are all OK. Love reading your blog and seeing your pictures(truly worth a thousand words ) Jan


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