Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This Year's Crops

Don't think we're getting much corn from our own corn trial this year. 

The goats ate the planting on the other side, in the old horse trough.  There are about four ears here worth picking.  
The weeds you see behind it are growing where the melons are growing.  Keith was afraid to weed-eat too closely to the growing tips. 

Hurry up and grow, Pumpkins!  It's August 20th! 

Despite all attempts to die of wilt, the Abu Radwan tomoatoes are still going strong. 
So are the Super Sauces.  The Gypsies.... not so much. 

And we may even get a few green beans from our plantings.  They have all blossomed, but, so far, no beans have grown.  These were planted way late, since the peas were so late in the cool spring. 
I'm not holding my breath. 

And this guy, friends, is the FIRST SNAKE I've seen in the henspa!  DRAT! 

He had everyone spooked, and I got only two eggs from there yesterday. 

There was MUCH consternation going on, and Fleura, the brown hen, was actually facing OFF against the snake, who was hiding in the end nest. 


  1. fluera is one brave chicken!!! how the heck does one control the snake population? they would freak me out!

  2. Good for Fleura! Even though you only got a few ears of corn, I bet they are very tasty. Nothing like picking an ear of corn & eating it the same day!

  3. Oh dear I dont think I would be game to go back in that pen if I seen a snake, that is one thing Im petrified of.

  4. I would say that is an egg eater.

  5. Your crops look good and even though you only got a few ears of corn that is better then nothing. I hope that is the last snake you encounter I know i would be paranoid the next few times i went to collect eggs!

  6. It's hard to believe that we're getting close now to the end of our growing season. Hope you get some fresh green beans before summer is over. They are one of my favorite summer time treats.

  7. We all need a bit of Fleura in our souls!!!! Dad tore our garden up the other day and threw it in the burn pile....he got two little green tomotos and that was about it. Not enuf sun. We hope you are feeling much better, its supposed to be really hot today so take it easy!
    We are gonna post pretty soon.
    Stella Rose

  8. I don't blame them for being upset with that ol snake.

  9. Good morning!

    I think your garden looks great. We HAD one, but our chickens decided all the spoils should go to them! Silly girls lol

    We have had chickens for three years now and I have not seen one snake. THANK YOU, JESUS! I pray this is the only one you will find!



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