Friday, August 9, 2013

Fast Friday

Where does the time go? 

I promised myself a few weeks ago I would start visiting my aunt, who has moved to a nursing home here in Tonganoxie.  She is the last person from my mother's close circle of friends/relatives to still be with us. 

Here she is at noon today, with my cousin Sharon... 
my Aunt Catherine is still pretty spry for 89 and looking very good! 

Now that I know how to find her, I'm planning on being a regular visitor.  Aunt Catherine was very faithful to visit my mom in the nursing home until she was not able to anymore.  My own dear mom would be 99 next month. 

This pitiful three eggs represents the sum total I got from the henspa girls today. 
I read on Our Neck of the Woods today that Tammy, the blogger there, believes her hens may be molting already.  She guessed that a cooler summer may have brought it on early. 

I have noticed an inordinate number of feathers lately, and today looked specifically.  All the roosters have lost their tail feathers already.  

I did get a dozen from the same henhouse yesterday. 

Oddly enough, I have noticed there is a plethora (one of my favorite words) of feathers underneath the henspa.  Do you suppose there are any eggs in those holes?

This post is all over the place... the lantana and the portulaca are going crazy again on the deck... probably the rain this week! 

There are three, count them, three hens in this box. 
Not ONE egg under any of them.

And she bites. Hard. Very, very hard. 


They were under her.  All three. 

I did get four duck eggs, and two more eggs, one large and one small, from the old henhouse.  

Must be the weather. 

We're off to the T Bones tonight, as long as the sprinkling lets up. 

A safe evening to everyone! 


  1. i think our elderly need to be cared for as much as our new borns. this has been a crazy summer. everything is behaving differently.

  2. Get a pair of welder's gloves. That will take care of pecking hens.

  3. Eggs or no eggs, your girls are adorable. (Except maybe the biter)...No, she's cute too. Crazy summer weather.

  4. Your flowers on the deck are very attractive. It would be a pleasure to sit there and enjoy the view. I'm a porch sitter and like having flowers around me too. Your chickens are so cute even if they don't give many eggs right now. It looks like the 3 in the picture together were trying to keep warm. I'm sure that wasn't the case. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I think I would have to give that biter something to think about....other than biting.

  6. Awww how sweet about your Aunt! Lovely post. My girls started to slow down in their laying too -too cold for sure. They've picked up again a bit though thankfully.. it's not winter yet I keep telling them! :)


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