Monday, August 26, 2013

Bathed in Morning Light

For those of you who don't regularly read
"On the Bright Side" on our sidebar, please try today. 
MA has written a lovely column about blessing versus "luck"... and it's so true. 
We have been blessed here at Calamity Acres, blessed with you, our readers and friends, who leave the best comments anyone can wish for.... for our simple life and good friends in it... for our families... and the list just goes on and on.  

This morning, our home was bathed in morning light. 

From the last hurrah of the garden beds...

The zinnia seeds were the best investment EVER, made in 2012.  I never got them planted... they were the "Old Fashioned Mix" from Landreth seeds.  I planted them a year late and they have rewarded me with beauty for 3 months now.  Yes, they'll be planted again, next year.  

The flowers on deck were glowing. 
I noticed yesterday that the little birds were flying onto the porch and drinking from the dog's fortex.  
I moved the small birdbath you see here out into the center of the deck, and I'll replenish it off and on today with fresh cool water. 

Gosh, it almost hurts to look at the bright colors in the sun. 

The vegetable garden is still going strong, and I need to pick green and yellow beans again today and process them. 
 Hey!  the goats are sunny, too! 

My little companion found a sunbeam to lay in when we had come back in from doing chores. 

This is Elvis.  He would be in the sun but the old henyard is so shady (thank heavens).  
Can you see why I call him Elvis? 

The Three Elvi. 

Have a blessed Monday, everyone, working or at home! 


  1. Your zinnias are huge and beautiful!! Do you buy your seeds yearly or save the dried/dead flower petals and plant them every year? Nice Elvis roosters!

  2. Those zinnia's are beautiful. That's what my Grandmother always planted, even when she "moved to town", she planted them along side her porch. Do you save the seeds?

  3. Those zinna's are my favorite...stay cool is crazy today.
    stella rose

  4. what a beautiful day. your place is radiant!

  5. You have many blessings. Beautiful pictures.

  6. It certainly looks as if there were a special quality of light this morning there at your farm. Isn't it amazing how different light can be? Abby is darling taking her own little sunbath there. Our Katie follows the sun around in the house too.

    Is he Elvis because he struts?

  7. You have quite a sweet menagerie! My family almost always lived on acreage when I was growing up, and I realized early on that it was not for me. I can appreciate the benefits of having chickens, goats and the like, and "oh and ah" over sweet little farmyard babies, but I prefer to do it at a distance. That would be a very long distance the first time I saw a snake! I truly do think it's wonderful that it brings you so much joy, and I love seeing your beautiful pictures. The zinnias are gorgeous! I was so sorry to hear about the little goat -- can't stand to see any living creature suffer.

  8. The Zinnias look beautiful! You have such a lovely view : )

  9. No time to go new-blog hopping, but I totally agree that we are BLESSED, not lucky!

  10. Thank you for your sweet compliment on my blog post. Your zinnias are beautiful I must remember to plant some next year. I love the colors! Elvis is quite a handsome bird. We are having quite a rain here this morning. It's been so dry the past week that I'm sure everything is soaking in it's goodness. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  11. lol...I can see how Elvis fits!

    Great pics of the of my favorite.

  12. Just beautiful pictures, love seeing everything in bloom and also the sunshine!!


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