Friday, August 23, 2013

Thank you, Stella Rose Long!

This little girl

Is Stella Rose Long.  She came from the Cruella Deville Puppy Mill, and her mama and daddy rescued her. 
Her blog "The Three Little Pugs" is on our sidebar. 

This handsome creature is Benny, the French Bulldog.  Benny has liver cancer, and is fighting the fight to keep his life with his mama, Andrea, and his sister, French Bulldog Lilly. 

Stella Rose sponsored a giveaway for Benny's expenses this week, and Abby entered. 

We won a box of goodies all the way from Ioway, that's already on the way!  

Thank you, Stella Rose, Margaret and Angus.... and thank you Deb and Butch, for your generosity in helping beautiful Benny. 

Fight like a Frenchie, Benny! 

And in home news, my physician's assistant pronounced me on the road back to health this afternoon, yippee! 
She suggested I rest rather more often, and that's what I'm doing right now, resting as I post this, after cutting grass and starting chores. 

A beautiful start to the day, though hazy. 

Donald headed straight out to the barn pad and was keeping guard over his girls.   A note here... the ducks have all been laying in the same place in the henyard.  I usually pick up four eggs before letting them out for the day.  Starting last Sunday or Monday, I started getting 3 eggs a day.  Someone was holding out.  
This morning, I got only 1.  I have a slight idea where there might be two, and as soon as the heat dissipates a little, I'm going to go on an egg hunt.  Right now, the heat and humidity have driven me in for a little bit. 

Can you see the two little faces watching me cut grass?  They finally took a nap on the deck, where it's cool in the afternoon. 

Yes, we have some apples ready to pick! 

Gratuitous goat cuteness. 

Has to be everywhere mamaaaa is. 

This gaillardia has been blooming for almost two months. 

The sedum is blooming early, and the agastache next to it, still blooming.  See that huge mum? (on the left)   It's about ready to bloom. 

Doggone it, Kody, what are you doing up there? 

(The little boys are not allowed to be in the chicken yard anymore without me.  I was doing chores and they were amusing themselves and waiting on me). 

Thanks again, Stella, Mags and Baby Gussie!  We can't wait to see our box when it comes in the mail all the way from IOWA!!!!


  1. Mary Ann, I'm so happy to hear you were given a clean bill of health. I would take the doc's advice and rest when you can, you don't want this to come back.

    I love all of your pictures.

  2. Those little goats of yours are super cute, and I can see mischief in their eyes! :) Glad you're feeling better! Be sure to take it easy when you can!

  3. Glad to hear you're on the mend! Sending Benny best wishes too :-)

  4. so glad you are feeling better! what cute pups. you sure have an audience when you work!

  5. Taking a rest between your chores is a good idea. I do it all the time anymore. Sometimes I think I rest more than I work. I went to the county fair yesterday and happen to have a conversation about goats. She told me about her goat that seem to have similar problems as yours. She said her vet told her to mix Soy Chor with her feed. It's supposed to be a preventative, not a cure. The goat didn't like the taste so she mixed some molasses chrystals with it Then she would eat her feed and came in 3rd place at the fair. My there was a lot of goats there. She said she gets both a the feed store where she lives, but they had to order the Soy Chor. I told her I'd pass the info on to you . I guess it is a common problem. You'd have to check with your vet as to the proportions. I think she said only a half cup to the feed. She said her goat had been on open feed all the time but at the fair you could only feed them morning and evening and the goat was complaining about that. We could hear here. Chances of meeting someone with a goat are about 100 to one, but it happened.

  6. Those goats are so cute and full of mischief !

  7. I agree about the resting more often, you need it and also, deserve it. I so enjoyed this post and the pictures were just great, each one put a big smile on my face while I'm also "resting!" :)

  8. Congrats on winning.

    Those boys are so cute.


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