Monday, August 19, 2013

The "I Have No Clue" What to Write About Post


Do you hit those days? 

When you just have NO EARTH of an idea what to write about? 

I have lots of ideas in my head... Keith and I have come to a huge decision here lately, but we are not ready to talk about it yet, and no, it is not moving from our little paradise, or anything so radical. 
We just want to keep the lid on it for a while and let it percolate. 

We also made a day trip on the spur of the moment yesterday, and I was able to keep up with Keith, though I did tire out easily.  I'll devote a whole blog post to that one. 

I'm a little tired this morning, and realize I am not bouncing back from illness as I used to to... so will need to take that into consideration in the future. 

So maybe we'll just use up some pictures today for the post! 

This is what ducks do to a water fortex.  They have to be cleaned frequently... however... the chickens have access to their clean waterers inside, too. And guess what?  This stuff SMELLS. 

I keep a couple of these outside for the ducks, as well as their pool and a deep fortex in the pasture.  I know... I overdo it. 

They are STILL AT IT. 

My gosh, how long can this go on???

These are the balsam plants I almost drowned at the beginning of summer.  Somehow, they resurrected themselves, and I am so glad to see they have formed seed pods.  My goal is to keep this balsam going for many years to come. 

That's basil in the tub next to it, and we hardly used it at all.  I'll grow basil again, but as an ornamental only. 

The ducks enjoy life, rain or shine.  We should be more like the ducks. 

What would we do without this loyal and beautiful girl? 
I don't like to think about it. 

Be a duck, Mary Ann.  Think in the now. 

Oscar's tree had some visitors.  You see the plants growing high under the branches on the right?  
It is where we buried Oscar on August 18, about six years ago.  The plants over his grave have always grown up higher than the others around them, and I cut around it.  This will always be his tree. 

Keith will get me for showing this picture, but this little girl is really devoted to him... she is sleeping by his leg, where she likes to.  The fan is blowing on them, and she is very, very happy.  

This is a planting I saw yesterday when Keith took me to brunch.  I am going to try to emulate it on a smaller scale next year, isn't it lovely? 

That's it for my disjointed post today!  I'm going to head outdoors and get the chores done, so we can be ready to go to the game. 


  1. Please take care of yourself, and rest as you need it. Mom says she sure doesn't bounce back as quickly either. Of course we loved the pictures of abby by her dad's side. I hear it is going to be hot this week, so take it easy.
    stella rose

  2. I understand....

    I made 5 days of posts out of what could have been a couple of days.

    Oh well, Abby does look very happy.

  3. Now see, that turned out quite well!

  4. Yes, I have a LOT of days when I wonder if I can come up with anything to post to my blog. Those are the days when I have serious doubts about continuing to blog. Your post was good. With your farm, you can always come up with something interesting to post. If you have reached a huge decision about your life, I'm sure that is taking a lot of your thought. It would be very difficult for me to think about anything other than that decision, so I understand why it would be hard for you to blog right now. Good luck with your decision! laurie

  5. I LOVE the thought of being more like a duck! I think this post was wonderful for this gem of a thought alone, thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Not disjointed at all; I thought your post was lovely!

  7. Hey, Mary Ann! Glad to see you are up and around again. Are you heading to the T-Bones game tomorrow? We'll be there - maybe we can meet up?

  8. Mary Ann,

    Nice post! I love all the pictures of your critters.
    Glad to see you're on the mend, remember take it slowly.

  9. That last photo of the flowering plants is just beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you plant to replicate.

  10. Your flowers on your deck are so full and pretty. I love the ones you took a pic of to copy for next year too. I hope mine fill in more next year ....

  11. Never fear, all of us have had these days.

    The flower picture is really pretty!


  12. We understand- sometimes its necessary to be still and be quiet.

  13. Now that I'm back at work - I don't have time to blog except on weekends and there's nothing to share since all we do is clean house and grocery shop. I also love the flowering plants!! Lovely!

  14. I do love that planting at the end of you post today. I like it when I see something to set a goal for. I havae such a mixture around here nd would love more color for late summer. Right now we have lots of black eyed susans blooming in the front but not much else although the sedum is starting to turn color and gets pretty in the fall.

  15. When that happens, I post pictures of interesting fungi or cute donkeys:)


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