Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Hot Saturday

It's hot out today.  Two somebodies very close to me have the right idea right now. 

As I came out the door to do chores this morning, the big butterfly bush was bathed in light.  There is another butterfly bush to it's left, and a caryopteris bush to it's right that was covered by mint earlier this summer.  All are blooming, all are alive with butterflies and bees. 

This is something else I noticed this morning.  The cockerel from this spring's three chick hatch has turned into a beautiful young bird.  I could not get a picture of him holding still for you.  He is richly colored and still has not crowed! 

He's also still kowtowing to the smaller bantam roosters in the henspa, but I don't think that will last too much longer.  

This beautiful spider was in between the screen and window in the henspa this morning. 

I have not seen any black and yellow argiope spiders this year at all. 

This... ahem.... rather large guy was in the henhouse this morning when I went out to turn the fan back on.  I try to turn the fans off for an hour or so, to let the motors rest.  Butch was the only bird inside, my pet who lives in the feed room side.  He seemed unconcerned with his large black companion. 
That's a very old hen nest he's on, it was actually in an antique store when I bought it.  The birds never did like it much, and it's sitting in the feed room side and going to be taken out this winter and restored.  Butch hides behind it though, when the other birds pick on him. 

Keith and I were sitting at the kitchen table this afternoon, eating lunch, when Keith snorted with laughter.  He said "You need to get up and look at this!".  It was Kelly on the side deck, eating a weed down below.  He was balanced perfectly.  He later stood up and finished off the top of the weed you see. 

And this rather mystifying picture is of the legs of my oldest son, Jim.  He and wife Amy took the kids to the skating rink this afternoon, and five minutes in, Jim fell and was concussed.  He broke a bone in his ankle. 

He just texted me that he'll need a ride to the doctor this week!  That's what moms are for! 


  1. I guess that's what happens when adults try to relive their youth. ;-) Hope he heels quickly.

  2. Oh gosh, I hope he is ok!

    Not looking forward to the hot,hot,hot weather
    we are about to have. Stay cool!


  3. That first picture says it all - it looks hot! LOL :) Great pictures and ouch to Jim and his ankle! You are right, that's what moms are for... for many things including trips to the Doctors no matter what age ;)

  4. The picture of your dog is so cute.

  5. Mary Ann,

    My husband and Beans (old Chihuahua) sleep like this in bed. Or the dog lays on his back up against my husband. If I took a picture, of the both of them sleeping in our bed he would kill me.

    I love having plants that attract bees and butterflies. One year I went to a park south of us, I got out of the car and walked up to this tree to figure out why all the branches and leaves were moving. The entire tree was loaded with butterflies. You could not see the top of the tree, just amazing.

    Good to see you're doing better.

    Oh dear, I'm sorry your son broke an ankle bone.

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  7. Your butterfly bush is beautiful I have been meaning to plant one by my porch but just have not gotten around to it!!! I hope your sons ankle heals fast!!! Have a good weekend!

  8. Your butterfly bushes are beautiful. We have two here but they tend to be very spindly. We have to take bunny cords to hold them together and have staked them. All the blooms are at the top and it almost looks like a tree instead of a bush. It's to be hotter this week but I'm thankful at least we had some cooler days. Sorry to see your son had that accident. Yes, we moms do come in handy. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  9. I had a good laugh over that picture of Keith - J. and our dog, Finn, sleep like that. I don't know how they stand it when it's hot outside - they're both like blast furnaces! Love your butterfly bush as it's gloriously gorgeous. We had to cut ours down because it just got way too big. I suppose that's my fault for not planting it in an appropriate location. I hope to get another dark purple one, maybe next year. Hope you young'un recovers quickly from that fall!

  10. Poor guy, yep that is what Mom's are for. That picture of the goat is so funny.
    I bet your goats keep you laughing all of the time.
    I hope your hot weather doesn't stick around for much longer.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  11. Abby
    I like to lay in the bed and get comfy too. You are so cute.
    And the butterfly bush is beautiful!

  12. That butterfly bush is amazing!! The dog photo cracks me up. :) Hope your son's foot heals soon.

  13. Poor Jim!

    Oh my that snake in the hen house is huge. Scary!!!

  14. Oh man, I hate that happened to your son.


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