Sunday, August 25, 2013

Did I Mention it's HOT????

As Keith would say, 

"It's August, Mary Ann".... but after almost a month of 
unseasonably cool weather, these last few days have been hard. 
94 degrees out right now, and the humidity is up there. 

I have already been out to do waters, with cold bottles all around in the henspa. 

The old henyard birds are getting along much better because of all the shade. 

I looked up from filling the pool to see this.  However, I think they had come rushing in because of something that flew overhead in the pasture, not just to see me. 


They love the pasture fortex as much as the pool. 
Notice that Donald is always protective of whichever girl is bathing. 

I'm always being watched.  I'll say one thing for these guys, they have browsed all day today, despite the heat.  We're so glad to see this happening... they are getting to be big boys! 

Sorry for the blur, but you get the picture.  Everyone was hot.  I didn't change the water out with this guy in it. 

And at six, I went back out there... it was one of the biggest snakes, the one I pictured yesterday... so I'm glad I looked before I reached! 

The ducks enjoyed a shower bath as I was filling their fortex in the pasture. 

All in all, a very peaceful and satisfying Sunday.  


  1. I'd be miserable, if it was 94* and humid out! I sure hope you get some relief might be August, but September is coming!! :) You are so kind to your snake friends...I just don't think I could co-habitate with them!

  2. Donald is a good boy! I hope this weather breaks soon for you. At least maybe the nights will start cooling down soon.

    I hope your son's ankle heals soon and that he is very careful for a while after a confusion. At least you'll have some mother-son time.

  3. Oh yes it is very hot at your farm. The news also told me.
    Thank goodness Donald and the duckies have a nice pool to cool off- or drink.

  4. Hope your following the Drs orders and remembering to get some rest in all that heat. Donald is a charmer.

  5. Thats warm! Must be unbearable in that humidity. Goats look good!

  6. I know I was very spoiled with the cooler weather here and loved it. It is heating up here and for the first day of school our kids will be sweltering as most of our schools do not have a/c. I tried sitting out on the porch yesterday afternoon but had to go in as I was perspiring just sitting there. Very humid.

  7. Bet they would all enjoy a built in pool, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  8. I wish I could send you some of the breeze we have been getting.....Just take it easy!

  9. I finally saw the 5 foot long chicken snake in the feed/tack room. That sucker almost gave me a heart failure.

    Was cleaning up so we could store some of the new cutting of hay and he slithered by.

  10. That first picture makes me laugh! Cute :) Humid here today and it hasn't been. I just realized I haven't been missing it!


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