Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Eleven Eleventieth Post

Post Number 1111.  Wow. 

I still haven't run out of things to say! 

Here's poor little Kelly this afternoon... he is being bullied by the other two boys and they are still shaking out their pecking order.  He will not come to me, but he WILL follow me. 
I just can't touch him. 

I got him a separate bowl to eat from, and he did eat. 

His poor little voice is hoarse from crying (no) screaming. 

Despite the bullying, he follows us everywhere.  I was filling the pool, even though it rained a LOT today, while the two boys watched me.  Poor little Kelly almost went to sleep, I don't know if he was afraid to move, or what.  It WAS muddy in the henyard.  Kaycee was inside where it was dry, and Kody was here: 

About two feet away from me, waiting for me to finish filling the pool. 
He was right at home in the Ware hutch! 

You can see the old llama feeder here in the corner of the barn.  Kelly came in, went past me, and jumped right up into it!  I could tell someone slept on it last night, because it had "goat berries" on it. 

I think he is going to be fine in a few days. 

Here's my dear husband this evening. 
I told you last night that we had received something in the mail from the most considerate blogger. 
Her name is Ramona, and her blog is The Japanese Redneck. 

She is one talented lady! 

Ramona had to close her blog to comments, as she received some very hurtful ones almost two years ago, but some are able to read it, and I am honored to be one.  She not only embroiders clothes with her embroidery machine, she shows her gorgeous mare Jolie, (and sometimes her other mares and colt), she makes beautiful mosaics, and is a gardener from way back.  She loves animals, and she and her Redneck have rescued many, many dogs and cats whom they love dearly. 

Not blessed with kids... they have recently been blessed with a beautiful niece, born early... who is doing fine now, thank heavens. 

I'm digressing again. 

So, knowing Ramona was making some sweatshirts down in Mississippi, I casually mentioned I would love to buy one for Keith one day... this was months ago. 

Yesterday, it came. 

There was something else in the box for me: 

This beautiful pug tote was in there. 

Here is the back: 

Ramona, you TOTALLY GET ME!

Thank you so very much, from Keith and me, to Ronny and you! 

And guess what else, folks? 

Michaele is back! 

Sprout N Wings Farm is back on the sidebar... YAYYYYY. 


  1. Don't worry too much about Kelly. Goats have a very definite pecking order plus he is settling in. First you will have to wait for him to stop pining for his old home just by doing what you are doing and loving him. Then once he is settled your pecking order will settle - a good way to do this is to feed the other goats first so that they don't feel any jealousy towards the new goat and feed him in a seperate area nearby for a little while ...otherwise the other goats may stop him eating. We had one goat who arrived and cried for 2 whole weeks (and it truly was a cry) - she ended up being the closest to us of all our goats , it just takes time.
    You are doing a great job with your goats though and have a real instinct for how they are feeling. Well done!

  2. Mary Ann, Peameal bacon is back bacon coated with Cornmeal. It is AWESOME! Love the wonderful gifts you both received. Aren't blogger friends wonderful? Love the goats.

  3. What a beautiful gift from a wonderful friend.

    All your goats will be just fine as soon as Kelly knows who the boss is, lol......

  4. Aw poor Kelly! Hope he settles in soon

  5. Last time I had a goat separate from mama, it was about two weeks of sad yelling, and then she was ok. But it was a rough 2 weeks. And yes, like your first commenter, she's now the mushiest one. Try just sitting in the pen, if you can, for a bit of time each day. Watch, but don't try to touch. See if he tries to come over to you, but don't move to pet him if he wants to run away(this is hard for me--I love scritching my goats), but pet your other boys so he can see. He will see your other two boys at ease with you, and will learn from them. Eventually he'll let you pet him, and then he'll realize you're not going to eat him, and he'll be your friend.

    Goats are very smart and learn very quickly. He'll come around. It just takes time.

  6. Wonderful gifts!! Such delight blogging friends can be!! And double yay for sprout n wings being back!!! You green background around Keith looks perfect!!

  7. You have a very nice friend to send those beautiful gifts. That embroidery is wonderful! It's a good thing Kelly is eating. I'm hoping it won't be long now and he'll settle in for you. It would be hard listening to the cry. We'd be upset too I suppose if we were taken from our homes. He just doesn't know yet that he's found a great new home, but he will. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  8. The embroidery on that tote is gorgeous, Mary Ann. How sweet of her to send it to you! Hope you and Keith are doing well.

  9. Congrats on your 1111th post! I love the embroidered rooster on your tote! Just beautiful.

  10. I'm glad that ya'll both liked the surprise!

    Hopefully those goats will all be big buddies soon. I know it takes a while for new cats to work their way into the clowder.

    Whew, it's WAY too hot for a sleeve here in Mississippi right now.

  11. Wow that is alot of posts!! We love your new bag, she knows you well, its funny that you have three kid KKK and my mom has three girls who have the initials kkk also.
    stella rose

  12. Wow that's so cool, love the embroidery! Lovely to see your boys, they will soon sort out their pecking order, heartbreaking to watch though!


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