Friday, August 30, 2013

91 in the Shade at 9:04 PM

Yes, that's my birthday present from my beloved, showing you the temperature at the T Bones game last night at 9 PM. 
Here we are in the stands... we try to have our picture taken every year, and a lady sitting behind us last night was so kind as to do it.  
There were about 3000 people there, all fanning themselves. 
I had "dressed up" for the pictures... and fixed my hair... HA!

We were melting in the humidity, literally sliding off our seats. 
 Why does Keith ALWAYS look good in his photos?  Not even hot!  

 Baldwin City Middle School Choir sang the anthem very well.  I taped it on my phone and don't know how to play it, of course.  I did it discreetly because we STAND for the anthem and salute or cross our hearts. 

They were actually more people there than it appears. 

We did a great job of pitching, but lost again. 
It's been a long season. 

Will Frank White be back next season????

It's Friday afternoon, the start of the holiday weekend.  We have our last game tonight, and are going in our coolest clothes, as it is 101 degrees right now. 

So far, we have not lost any animals. 

The little goats are at the door, I can hear them calling me. 

We left the popholes open last night, because right now, the heat is a worse threat than predators. 

We'll leave them open again tonight. 

I'm praying for all who are suffering in this heat... who are suffering from flooding or forest fires... and hope everyone gets off to a good start to their holiday weekend! 


  1. you two look so cute even in the dreadful heat! we are in the upper 80's here and really humid. i am so sick of this weather! it is finally going to cool down next week.

  2. You guys do look great! I sure hope it soon cools down...that's got to be getting old, fast! Looks like fun at the ball game, and I'm glad you had fun, despite the heat, and the loss. :)

  3. Sometimes prayer is the only option. It's ALWAYS the best one.

  4. Sending you some of our cool New England weather. It's been cool at night and in the morning but warms up by midday. Starting to feel like fall here.

  5. Happy Birthday!! I think you look adorable and I think that is a very cute picture.
    Nice shots of the game. I do hope that the heat breaks soon.

  6. Oh my - I couldn't imagine. We're at 88 HHH at the high of the day and I can't stand it!

    Enjoy your holiday!

  7. Happy Birthday! That's a wonderful birthday pic of the two of you! I am hoping for a break in
    this awful heat, too. It's so hard on everyone and the poor animals. We really need some rain, also. Hope the game went well tonight. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Stay cool and hydrated. Not a fun weather day for us huh?

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!


  9. Happy Birthday, Mary Ann! You look wonderful, both of you, and very happy. I think this has been our hottest week this summer, practically our only hot week. But next week should be in mid 80s! Will any of that cooler air be originating from your direction towards us?

    I hope you both have a great Labor Day weekend!

  10. Mary Ann,

    Happy Birthday Mary Ann!!!

    You both look beautiful in this picture.

    Stay cool this weekend. Our temperatures were 105 today, and will stay in the 100's for a couple of days.

  11. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day :-)

  12. That is hot. Humidity has been up here but it's supposed to break. I just love that pic of you and Keith!!

  13. It's awful when we go out to feed at dark and still melt.


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