Saturday, August 3, 2013

And Kelly Makes Three

Grandson Nathan and I went over to get little Kelly this morning. 

After Nathan unloaded feed bags for me.  Thanks, Nate... my back appreciates your help! 

Here he is, eyeing me suspiciously from beside the feeder. 

You see, when we got over to Carol's to pick him up... I found that I had not put a card back in the camera!  I did not get to take one last picture with his mama.  

He was NOT a happy camper! 
Nathan and I had to listen to his cries all the way back here from the crate in the back of the HHR. 

He saw Kaycee and Kody making all over me, and decided to run past us into the barn. 

He has been with his Maa Maa since birth, and has not been handled much. 

Carol warned me to absolutely NOT let him get loose in the yard, or we would never catch him. 
I normally let Kody and Kaycee come in and out of the yard while doing chores every afternoon, so today, they are all locked into the pen together.  

After I do chores, I'll let them loose into the pasture to browse. 

I could not get any pictures of the three of them together yet, as they were all posturing and getting to know one another. 

However, within a couple of hours of taking these pictures, I looked out to see Kody on one little bench, and Kelly on the other, chewing their cuds contentedly.  Kaycee still likes to sleep in the hay feeder. 

Even now, as I type this, Kelly is laying on one of the benches, just looking around. 

Keith will be building a small platform for their inside water bucket tonight (in the barn), to keep the ducks from fouling it.  That's the only problem we are having with their feeders/waterers. 


I started this post about 2 PM, and am now sitting here at 7:15, after going to church and finishing chores, to complete it. 

Kody and Kaycee are not being very nice to Kelly, but they will work it all out, I'm sure. 
We are checking frequently to make sure nothing too bad is happening, and when I let them in the pasture, he hung right with them, browsing alongside.  They just don't want him getting to much attention from their own MaaMaa.  Since the demise of the barrel the day before yesterday, he doesn't have anything to lay on YET, out in the yard, but I think Keith will take care of that. 

I just glanced out the window, and all three are together, or at least close.... and getting along okay. 

I'll be around tomorrow all day, to watch and see that everything is okay. 

No bottles tonight.... so shrill little voices are calling everytime I go out the door for something. 

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getting closer to the drawing date. 

We received a surprise in the mail today... we will have pictures on the blog tomorrow... the kindness of other bloggers continually amazes me, and I want you all to see what a blessing we received. 


  1. Goats are rough on each other, as a rule, so don't expect cuddling and lovey mushy stuff. Hanging out in the same area chewing cud is a good sign. He's a good looking boy. Good luck with him. He will come around if you give him love. They return what they get, no lie.

  2. He is so precious! And I'm sure a little confused today. Isn't it sweet though that Kody and Kaycee don't want you paying too much attention to him. I hope he does fit in soon and they become the three amigos. Fun times ahead!

  3. When the new one gets comfortable with the residents it will begin to come to you too. Cute!

  4. Your new little one is adorable, Kelly will warm up to the other goats and come prancing to you give him a little time.

  5. I hope they all learn to get along and adjust quickly. I'm sure you are going to be having 3 times the fun there!

  6. I bet Kelly and you will be buddies in no time!! As you know, a little bribery of cookies help!! He's pretty!


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